Bathroom Decor - Choosing A Toilet Seat

When decorating your bathroom you need to consider several types of toilet seats. I have come up with some ideas that will help you find the best seat for you and your family.

There are several things you need to consider when you are redecorating the bathroom. One of them would be finding the perfect toilet seat. You need to measure the toilet seat to see what size you are going to need. You need to decide what you prefer to sit on in the toilet, and if it is going to match the décor of the rest of the bathroom. You also need to take into consideration anyone that might have any special needs with the seat that you are going to be installing.

You need to be very diligent when measuring you toilet for the seat. If you are not careful you will get a seat that is too small or too large for the toilet. Most toilets look like they are the same but you might be surprised to find that you have a different size. Also, some toilets are not round and people don't realize that there is a difference, so just be on the look out.

Next what type of seat would you like to have in your bath room? I know that some prefer to have a soft seat and some do not like it at all, some like to have a firm seat and others like for the seat to be "not so cold." There are wooden seats, plastic ones, vinyl ones, and a ceramic material. Some seats come with a plush or padded seat, I have found that if you don't spent the extra to get a good one that they will crack and split. I have also found that some of the wooden seats will crack if they are not taken care of, or if they are allowed to slam onto the commode. These seats will also come in a variety of colors. What I do if I am looking for a solid color seat is take a swatch of the color scheme of my bathroom to compare with the seats to find one that matches the décor. There are many seats that come with decorations on them. You can find everything from flower to fish scenes on the seats.

One of the things that have to be considered when shopping for your toilet lid is who is going to be using the toilet. Is there going to be a person that may need a raised seat so that they are able to sit on the commode better? Is there going to be someone that may need a softer surface because of a medical problem? If there are going to be children they might need a seat that isn't so heavy, and one that is durable and easy to clean. There could be a reason why someone in your home would need a heated seat. They are available.

So remember if you are decorating your bathroom that you need to consider many things before you install the seat. You can go to your local everything store and get some seats but they usually have a limited selection. I recommend that you go to the local home improvement store they will have larger selection and if you need a specialty seat they can usually help you find the one that fits your needs.

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