Bathroom Decorating Tips

Some great bathrooms decorating tips on how to add some color and personalization to any bathroom that needs a little revamping.

When the bathroom needs a little color, a little privacy or a little revamping here is a couple of neat ways to give it a makeover.

Shower curtain

You can make a cloth outer shower curtain really easy. Measure from the top of the shower to the bottom. Then, select the material you want to use (don't forget to wash all cloth before you sew it). When you go to the store to buy the materials measure out the length you need times two for two panels plus approximately 20 inches for the top.

(Example: Shower measures 7 feet in height, you need 14'20" of material. 14 feet for two panels and 10 additional inches for each panel to go over the rod.)

The width of the material is normally a good size so that you don't need to measure it out. For tiebacks use a thick cording found in a craft store and a small plant hook.

After the material is washed and dryed double it over length wise and cut so that you have two equal panels in length. Double over the top of the panel of each so that it just goes over the curtain rod and sew. Unless there is a manufacturers name running down the side of the material you may not need to sew it lengthwise. Try the curtain on the rod and decide where you should pin it along the bottom for sewing. You should do this for both curtain panels Once the top and bottom (and possible the sides) of the curtain are done hang them up on the outer shower curtain rod and enjoy.

Plastic shelving unit that goes over the back of the toilet.

If you have a shelving unit that goes over the back of the toilet you can easily make cloth panels to cover each shelf and hide your personal hygiene products.

Measure the length from the top to the bottom of each shelf and the width. Do the sides separately from the front of the shelving. You are going to want three panels for each shelf; one for each side and one for the front. Add one inch to each length and width for the seam.

Select a durable cotton/polyester blend material that matches your decor. Also buy enough velcro to go around the entire length of each shelf. If you have two shelves at 60" total each then you will need 120" of velcro. Get the velcro with the sticky backing.

Cut out each of your panels and hem all four sides. Place one side of the velcro along the top edge of the shelving going from one side to the other. Use the other side of the velcro on the top of each panel. You may need to sew it in place to reinforce it. Once the velcro is attached it should hook on the shelf and cover up your belongings. Do this for all three panels on each shelf. To use simply lift of remove the panels if you need anything off your shelf.

To add color

To add color to any bathroom try this, unscrew any wall plates, toilet paper holders (if plastic or cheaply made) and so forth and spray paint them. Select a color brings out a particular color in your bathroom. For example if you have a America theme (flags and so forth) you may want to paint the covering red, white, or blue, or do all three. Add a coat of clear paint over each piece to prevent chipping the paint. Then when the pieces are dry put them back in place and look at how much color is added to the room.

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