Bathroom Decorating: The Toilet

This article will teach you how to creatively decorate your toilet as a way to enhance your overall bathroom decor. It's fun!

Here are some interesting and very easy ways to decorate your toilet! Follow these simple directions and you will be on your way to a totally groovy toilet. Your bathroom will instantly become "cool." I advise you to have a great sense of humor in order to successfully complete this project.

There are a few different ways to decorate your potty that will be discussed in this article: painting and adhering craft items. I will outline the decor process in that order, supplies first.


1. brightly colored ENAMEL craft paints

2. small natural bristle paint brushes of varying sizes

3. enamel based paint pens (make sure to get black for outlining)

4. narrow tipped, permanent marker for drawing

5. pencil

6. blank paper


1. Sketch your design with the pencil on blank paper. This will prevent mistakes on the actual piece. Tip: Stick with simple, cartoonish drawings or line designs. Serious designs and drawings are not worth the time involved - they will not get any respect anyway. They are painted onto a toilet!

2. If possible, remove the potty seat (of course, clean the heck out of it) for easier paint application.

3. Remove the back lid of the toilet. These items are just plain easier to paint if they are not attached to the toilet. If it is not possible to remove the parts, go ahead and just paint directly onto the potty. Just make sure it is REALLY clean.

4. Use the permanent marker to sketch your drawing directly onto the surface.

5. Fill in your lines with the enamel paint using the paint brushes.

6. Outline with the enamel paint pens.

7. THOROUGHLY DRY. No one wants to sit on a sticky potty.


1. Of course, great glue (I suggest E6000 glue - sold at craft stores)

2. fluffy fabric used for stuffed animals - any color or pattern

3. scissors


1. Remove the back lid of the toilet.

2. Clean surface of lid

3. Measure and cut a generous amount of the fabric to cover the lid. Leave a 2" amount of excess fabric.

4. Adhere to lid with glue

5. Voila! You are done!

Some ideas for drawings are as follows: flowers, polka dots, smiley faces, a gaping mouth on the seat (!), rainbows, etc.

Some ideas for fabric are as follows: leopard prints, fuchsia fur, tropical, kiddie prints, etc. You can also use the glue to adhere beads, pearls, etc. to the toilet. The possibilities are endless!

Good Luck!

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