Bathroom Fixtures Benefits Of A Whirlpool Bath Tub

A guide to the many benefits of a whirlpool tub including its therapeutic effects on your mental, physical and emotional states.

If you are renovating your bathroom, you will most definitely want to consider a installing a whirlpool tub. There are many kinds of benefits to having a whirlpool tub: mental, physical, monetary, and emotional.

For starters, the resale value of your home will grow, and the sell time could be shortened. A whirlpool tub is considered luxurious, and brings to mind images of relaxation, a spa atmosphere. It makes a home for sale more attractive than the house down the street which doesn't have one, and buyers will be willing to pay more for added amenities.

Physically, relaxing in a whirlpool tub will help ease the pain of aching muscles and joints. The combination of warm water and the massage like bubbling of the jets will relax tense muscles, and improve blood circulation which in general helps your body. Sore joints will be more comfortable and muscles will relax. As blood flow increases, nutrients are brought to all the body systems faster, and wastes are taken away at an equally fast pace.

Research shows that arthritis pain is considerably lessened with regular use of a whirlpool tub. The massage and heat elements that a whirlpool tub offers have proven to be extremely beneficial to arthritis patients in particular. The therapeutic properties will help put the body into a restful state, thus helping restorative processes take place.

Many hospitals now use whirlpool tubs in their labor and delivery department for mothers in labor. Studies have shown easier labor for mothers, and less stress on the baby during delivery when laboring mothers spend time in a whirlpool tub. It seems the warmth of the water and massaging properties of the jets help ease pain and speed the labor process. Whirlpools are also regularly used in sports medicine to help speed recovery in injured joints and muscles, as well as to ease muscle soreness and stiffness associated with a hard workout.

All of these therapeutic uses can easily translate in to benefits of having a whirlpool tub at home. Most people are often achy and sore, maybe not to the extent of someone with arthritis, or sports injuries, but the same principles apply. A woman may not be in labor having a baby, but she may have uncomfortable menstrual cramps that a whirlpool tub can help alleviate. Even when there are no ailments that apply, a whirlpool tub is still highly relaxing, and beneficial to the body.

Emotionally, a whirlpool tub just feels great. Who doesn't love to be pampered? Lighting a few candles, playing some soft music and laying back into a wonderfully comfortable warm tub while the jets produce massaging bubbles through out the water is a fabulous way to unwind at the end of the day.

Additionally, whirlpool tubs tend to be bigger, sometimes even allowing for another bather. Many couples use a warm comfortable bath as time to re-connect and relax with each other. Especially for married couples with children, quiet, intimate, one on one time tends to diminish because of all the demands daily life and caring for the children place on parents.

Overall, there are many benefits that a whirlpool bath tub offers. Once purchased and installed a whirlpool tub is something that will not only be functional and useful, but thoroughly enjoyable.

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