Bathroom Renovation And Decor - Choosing A Shower Head

Choosing a showerhead depends on what type of showerhead is needed or wanted.

Choosing a showerhead depends on what type of showerhead is needed or wanted. There are massaging showerheads, standard showerheads as well as single control units and continental showers.

Massaging showerheads often have pulsating water actions that are caused by water pressure being forced through a diverting valve. The users can usually control the pulsing pressure or force. These showerheads can be either hand-held or permanently mounted in the shower. Massaging showerheads can also be converted back to conventional shower action if a pulsating action is not desired.

Standard showerheads have a full range of adjustable sprays as well as featuring self-cleaning rims and swivel ball joints. Standard showerheads can be high quality models, which are chrome plated or they can be economy models, which are usually plastic faceplates.

Built-in showers generally have single control units, which are showers that have one knob that controls both the water flow and temperature. This type of control allows the water temperature to be set permanently, so when the water is turned off, it can be turned back on again without the temperature setting being changed.

Continental showerheads are a versatile wall and hand shower combination. On-off flow controls are built into the handles of top quality brands as well as a brass pushbutton diverter valve that allows an instant switch from showerhead to hand shower, 6' flexible hose and a hang-up bracket. This showerhead can be attached to the existing shower arm.

Safety features can also be a determining factor when trying to choose the correct showerhead. Installation of anti-scald shower or tub/shower valves used in multifamily or transient areas, hotels and health clubs, are often mandated by local and regional codes. Protection from sudden changes in pressure or temperature can prevent injuries related to burns. There are tub/shower models that provide a consistent water temperature regardless of changes in water pressure. Contractors are advised to inquire about local plumbing codes in order to remain incompliance.

Lastly, other factors to look at are the spray and flow features of the showerheads. Low-flow showerheads can offer selections for spray patterns or even provide a very low flow that is excellent for shampooing. Other features can be a shutoff switch or spray patterns that can vary from mist, sharp, wide, massage or pulsating. How the showerhead is operated can be another feature to look at, some have the showerhead that has to be rotated to change the features or have a ring around the head, a lever to twisting or even changing a dial to change the spray pattern. When deciding on a spray and flow feature, decide what would be the most convenient for the household or establishment patrons. Is the control conveniently located where anyone can reach it? Is the spray pattern a comfortable strength? Another consideration is the existing shower installation. Showerheads can mount directly onto the shower pipe or are a handheld model attached to a flexible hose and mounted to a pipe. Water pressure is also another factor to consider when making this decision. The showerhead will need to work correctly with the water pressure provided.

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