Bathroom Renovation Installing A Dual Shower Head

A do-it-yourself person can accomplish installing a dual showerhead by simply following a few simple instructions.

A do-it-yourself person can accomplish installing a dual showerhead by simply following a few simple instructions. These instructions will aid the person in charge of installing the showerhead through the process, from collecting the material and tools necessary to the final adjustment of the individual showerheads prior to actually using the shower.

To begin installation of the dual showerheads, the installer should determine that all the materials needed for the installation are included in the unit packaging. These materials would be an adjustable swing arm unit, two showerheads, one "Y" adaptor and a roll of Teflon tape, hex nuts and rubber washers. If any parts are missing, contact the company if there is a contact number supplied. If there is no contact number supplied, return the unit to the merchant where it was purchased and exchange it for a unit with all the materials needed.

The first step would be to locate the two showerheads and the swing arm unit. After locating these parts, immerse them totally in water for 10 or 15 minutes. This allows the rubber washers and O-rings to return to their natural states.

The next step is to remove the old showerhead from the wall if it is there, leaving the arm.

Now back to the new installation, take the showerhead and wrap each on with Teflon tape 3-5 times each. After doing this, locate a flat rubber washer and the "Y" adaptor. Insert the flat rubber washer into the opening of the "Y" adaptor. Carefully tighten the "Y" adaptor into the existing shower arm by hand. If it is necessary to use a pair of pliers or a wrench to tighten the "Y" adaptor, use a rag to protect the "Y" adaptor from scratches caused by the tool.

After installing the "Y" adaptor, the new dual showerheads are next. Place a rubber washer between the showerheads and the "Y" adaptor, now position the first showerhead into the "Y" adaptor and tighten it by hand. When hand tightening, hold the showerhead close to the hex nut located at the tip of the swing arm. If the swing arm is twisted while holding and turning the showerhead, the warranty may be voided. Tighten the nut carefully, if using a wrench, use a fixed-opening wrench, not an adjustable wrench or pliers because they often tend to leave scratches. Now mount the second showerhead in the "Y" adaptor in the hole that is open. Mount this showerhead the same way as the first one, being careful not to scratch it either.

After installing the showerheads, it is time to adjust the components of the unit. Adjust the swing arm to the desired height. After the adjustment is completed, tighten the swing arm using the wing nuts provided with the unit. Now, adjust the two showerheads so that the angles will be where they spray at the desired positions, allowing the most comfort while showering.

Now that the installation is complete and the adjustments have been finished, the next person to use this shower can enjoy the luxury of having dual showerheads.

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