BBQ Barbecue Tips

Now the summer is upon us its barbecue time. These tips will ensure your bbq goes with a bang!

Now that the summer is upon us, dining outside is becoming more and more popular and barbecues are now becoming a seasonal tradition. There are a few things to remember when barbecuing, following these tips will make your meal go with a bang!

1. Always remember to prepare in advance. Ensure the meat is defrosted, salad is prepared and chilled and there is enough for all tastes to drink.

2. Ensure that you keep frozen and defrosted meats separate.

3. Include salad foods along with the usual sausages, chicken and hamburgers.

4. Try a few desserts on the barbecue to round off the meal perfectly.

5. Don't sit the cooked/uncooked food outside for too long. Flies and wasps are attracted to the smells and will flock for miles.

6. Invite all age groups and ensure that everyone will have something in common with at least one other person.

7. Make sure that you clean the grill and barbecue after each use - even if it doesn't look dirty.

8. Store the barbecue away from damp, dirt and cobwebs when not in use and if a gas barbecue, disconnect the gas.

9. Make sure you have enough food for seconds!

10. Try something different on the grill - spare ribs are a great favourite and are delicious when marinated in a smokey hickory sauce.

The main ingrediant to a successful barbeque is planning and enjoyment It needen't be a disaster when things go wrong - here are a few problem solvers:

Problem: It's raining

Solution: So what! Get out your umbrellas - move the barbeque to the shed - have fun! If you have a rotary clothes line get a huge pieve of plastic, throw it over for a easy and huge umbrella.

Problem: Nobody has turned up.

Solution: Make it a cozy barbeque with just you and your partner.

Problem: We've run out of food.

Solution: Designate one person to go to the shops and bring back the goodies. Or you could have asked everyone to have brought their own food in the first place to save you the costly bill!

Problem: No one is enjoying themselves.

Solution: Keep the drink flowing. Most people lose their inhibitions after drinking a little. Play a game. Put on some music, liven the party up a little.

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