BBQ Chicken Recipe

BBQ chicken recipe is as tasty as it is simple! Use the steps here to save you time headaches and money...

When you are making bbq chicken, the basic ingredients for it are as follows, just a pan, some chicken and some bbq sauce. But the secret to doing it right, is to do it via a series of steps, which are outlined here, and are done in parts for your benefit as well. Just do the steps here, with the ingredients, and you have a very tasty dish for you and your families enjoyment.

The ingredients themselves are easy to get, which is very good for those who don't have a lot of money: they are also not very fancy, which is very good budget wise.

The simpleness of this dish is very good too. It is very tasty and nice, and I have had it as well too. It also happens to be a very good one for families and for kids as well too. If you are hungry after the first serving, you can make some more of this dish with the proper ingredients, and all the better, which is good if you also happen to have a lot of hungry people.


1. Get four pieces of chicken out, a pan, and 4 cups of bbq sauce.

2. On medium heat, with pan on cooking area, put your bbq sauce in there, let it get warm a little.

3. Place the four pieces of chicken in the pan with the sauce.

4. Let cook for 25 to 30 minutes, or until chicken is all the way white through and through. Or doesnt have any pink areas in it as well.

5. Get off pan, and put on plate.

6. Enjoy.

7. If you want some more, just do the recipe again with the same ingredients, and as per how many chicken that your guests can eat.

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