Beanie Baby Crafts: Beds

An easy to make bed using household items for tucking in all of your little ones beanie babies for the night.

Beanie Baby Buddy Bed

Items Needed:

Large cellulose household sponge

Four clothespins

Six jumbo craft sticks

wooden shapes

fabric remnant (for bed cover)

Fiberfill batting

Toilet paper roll

Hot glue gun and glue sticks




Paint brushes



In order to make the bed, you will need to take a large cellulose sponge. Make sure that is either a new sponge or is an old clean one and completely dry.

Next, take fabric and wrap around sponge, sort of, as if you were wrapping a present. Be sure to cut away excess fabric as you will be using the leftover remnants at a later time. Using your hot glue gun, glue fabric tightly in place.

Once you have glued the cover on the sponge, lay sponge on a flat surface, seam side up, facing towards you.

Now, picking up your clothespins, use your hot glue gun to attach them to the corners of the bed. You will have to hold sponge while attaching clothespins. They should be glued to the bed at the center of the clothespins, with the two legs, the parts that you pinch together to open the pins, pointing upwards towards you. These will be the bottom legs for your bed. Repeat same procedure until all four legs have been attached. Be sure to glue them at the top and bottom of the sponge, against a flat surface or they will not hold very well.

Using one craft stick, place it across the top bedposts and glue in place. Use another craft stick to place across the bedposts, centering it, and glue in place. This will create a head board look.

Using another craft stick lay across the bottom footboards and glue in place. Use another craft stick to place across footboards, centering it, and glue in place. This will give your bed a finished look.

To complete frame, glue the remaining two craft sticks down each side of the bed. One on each side. This will complete the bed frame. Craft sticks may not necessarily run the entire length of the bed, but that is okay. You will have extra fabric leftover from the pillow that will be glued to side of bed to cover up empty space. When attaching final craft sticks to side of bed be sure to start at the bottom of the bed going upwards to towards the headboard.

Now, taking the toilet paper roll, stuff completely with fiberfill. Once stuffed, use fabric remnants and cover roll completely. Glue fabric in place. Place this at the head of the bed to be used as a pillow.

There should be excess fabric hanging over the pillow roll and down the sides. Glue to side of bed. Use any extra remnants and glue to bed where needed.

Use Wooden hearts or circles or other shapes and glue to headboard and footboard or anywhere else that you desire to garnish bed.

If needed, you can paint and decorate your "bedposts" before using, as well as decorating your craft sticks. You can add glitter or puff paints to wooded shapes if desired.

Once completed, stick a beanie baby on it and tell it goodnight.

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