How To Get Beautiful Healthy Looking Skin: Tips For Asian Women

These are tips specifically for Asian women on how to get beautiful, healthy-looking skin by using the right products for you skin type and living a healthy lifestyle.

Asian skin is usually slightly yellow in color due to the presence of extra melanin, but the tone can vary from light beige to very fair.Asian skin can be very smooth in appearance because the pores tend to be very small.It is because of this that it is very prone to acne and sun damage.The best way to keep Asian skin beautiful and healthy is by practicing good basic care in order to prevent future problems.

You should use a gentle, hydrating cleanser every morning.Then, after drying your skin, use a moisturizing cream that contains hydroquinone.Hydroquinone will help fade any dark patches of skin you may have.Using a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15 will help prevent new dark patches from forming.At night, a gentle cleanser should be used again before you go to sleep.Some people think that vigorous scrubbing is the best way to clean skin, but it isn't.Scrubbing too hard when washing your face could irritate the pores and cause the skin to produce more oil than usual.Skin has two periods of growth each day - in the morning and early afternoon.This is the best time for any skin treatments because this is when new cells are forming in the basal cell layer.

A nutritious diet, along with 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, is recommended.It's also recommended to include plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in anti-oxidants.Also, carrots, sweet potatoes, and broccoli contain a lot of vitamin A which is essential for healthy skin.Drinking orange juice or eating strawberries can supply you with a lot of vitamin C, which helps build collagen.A lack of vitamin C can cause loss of skin strength and elasticity, bruising, and poor healing of cuts and other damage.

Avoiding exposure to the sun is recommended for any skin type.If you do spend a lot of time in the sun, be sure to use sunscreen.According to experts, you can still get burned even on cloudy days, because some UV rays will always penetrate thin, hazy clouds.So you should wear sunscreen even on cloudy days.

Asian skin can be quite sensitive to chemicals like fragrance or alcohol.You should try to use products that are hypoallergenic.There are also some procedures that shouldn't be done on this skin type.Laser procedures, deep chemical peels, and microdermabrasion should all be avoided.They can cause uneven pigmentation to occur.

If you smoke, you should try to stop or cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke.The act of inhaling can cause lines to form around the mouth and eyes. Carbon monoxide displaces oxygen in the blood and deprives the skin of oxygen, making skin look dull.

Many Asian women desire to have whiter, lighter skin.There are some ways to achieve this to a degree.Hydroquinone is used to lighten the skin by preventing production of excess melanin.Another way to lighten skin is by mixing rice powder with water.This will form a paste that will help inhibit melanin.

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