Beauty And Fashion: 10 Huge Beauty Blunders

How to avoid and correct 10 big beauty mistakes and misconceptions, including foundation choices, concealing pimples, makeup and lipstick application, spider lashes, over plucking eyebrows, frizzy hair and self tanning.

When trying to achieve your most "beautiful" self, beware of the beauty blunders we all have made at least once. Learn about what to avoid and how to fix them if you do make a beauty mistake.

1. The Wrong Foundation: We've all done it. Bought a foundation that was not right for our skin tones, either a too light shade or a too dark shade. The big beauty blunder is when your face is a complete different color than the rest of your body. Women usually go too dark for their complexions. It's always a good idea to test foundation in natural light, rather than an artificially lighted store. However, if the store you choose doesn't allow for testers (say the drugstore), try to match as best you can.

Remember, it's better to go one shade lighter, than shades that are too dark for you. Another great idea is to let your real skin shine through. After applying your moisturizer, use the cover up or foundation only where you need it and blend well.

2. A Zit: It doesn't matter if you're in your teens or roaring 20's and 30's. Yes, sadly even adults get zits from time to time. But, don't make it a beauty blunder by trying to cover it up with too much concealer. Generally, you should put a layer or two on the problem area. Over covering it can draw more attention to it.

3. Too Much Makeup: This is a mistake many of us can make. As you get older, let more of your natural beauty shine through. Did you know you could actually look younger if you don't cake on the makeup! It's true, go for a nice lip gloss, mascara and sparingly put cover up just where you need it and you'll look radiant.

4. The Awful Lip Liner: This is probably one of the worst beauty blunders one can make. Drawing that line too dark. The natural lip liner color will suffice and it will actually give you the definition you are looking for. Go for the natural color, your lips and everyone else will thank you.

5. The Brows: Either you over pluck or under pluck them. Rarely are we in between. See a professional for this at least once a month and then try to keep them up to cut costs.

6. Spider Lashes: This happens when you keep the same mascara for six months or more. Lashes then stick together and don't separate nicely. Clean the clumps off your brush before using to ensure no spider lashes and buy a fresh tube every three months.

7. Frizzy Hair: Whether it happens naturally or because of outside forces, it always seems to happen. Don't let frizz let you down. Try Frizz Ease (available at drugstores)"¦you can let your hair blow dry naturally or with a blow dryer and you'll get the same perfect results"¦no frizz.

8. Streaked Self Tanner: There is nothing worse than trying to appear as if you just took an exotic vacation with a streaky self tan job (It will blow your cover every time). Be sure to exfoliate, use lotion and rub everywhere. Don't miss a spot. When you're finished clean your hands with soap and water to ensure no streaking hands.

9. Fading or Running Eye Makeup: So, you've partied all night - you're out on the town, looking great"¦or not. Your makeup is starting to run and nobody is saying a word. If you are planning a night dancing make sure to do it right. Make sure you don't put moisturizer near your eyes, if you plan to really do-up your eyes with liner. Finish with powder and your eye makeup should stay in place.

10. It's Just Not You: We all have tried new looks"¦sometimes they work and other times they don't. You know when a look is "you". So keep it. If you are a natural beauty, green eye shadow may not be your best look and vice versa. Be true and be you and you'll never have a beauty blunder...ever.

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