Beauty And Fragrances: Buying A Good Cheap Or Discount Cologne

Discover what pertinent information that would be help you in your decsion, before you buy either, good, cheap, or discounted cologne.

Since beauty plays such an important role in our society today, and the sale of everything from makeup, to expensive creams, is on the increase, the perfume industry has profited as well, with a booming multi-million dollar market.

With a multitude of fragrances available to the consumer, finding good cologne or one that is cheap or discounted can be somewhat of a challenge.

We first need to distinguish the differences between the perfumes and fragrances available on today's market.

The fragrances available are labeled as such: perfumes, colognes, and Eau de toilettes of a perfume or cologne. The difference is in the ratio between the amounts of perfume oils or scents they contain, compared to the amount of alcohol.

Let's take a look further, at the differences below.

When a fragrance is strictly in a perfume form, the concentration of that oil and scent is at a higher caliber, and in the purest form, which means there is a greater amount of a perfume base than alcohol.

Next, the Eau de parfum, has a lesser degree of the perfume concentrate, but still provides a satisfying scent, at a more affordable price than the perfume.

Last, are the Eau de toilette and Eau de cologne which are similar in concentration and scent. Since the perfume base is at the lowest ratio in concentration, the two take on a lighter scent in fragrance.

Finally, if we take a look at the difference in price between the three, there can be a considerable difference. You can expect to pay a much higher price for the perfume quality of a fragrance, yet it may well be worth the extra money you spend.

How is this possible? Since the concentration of a perfume oil or scent is higher in a perfume, you can use the product sparingly to obtain a good fragrance, compared to a cheaper Eau de toilette of the same perfume or cologne.

Remember also, with the use of cheaper cologne you may need to continually add the product to your skin or clothes, just to maintain the fragrance level you desire. This would eventually result in the use of more of the product, with the end result leaving you purchasing more of the cologne.

To be able to have a good cologne or perfume, but at a discounted price, would be the best of both scenarios. This can be achieved by following the steps below.

Make a list of department or retail stores that you generally shop in for your favorite beauty products and fragrances. Then one by one, contact the perfume department in that store, and ask if they are featuring any, in store sales, on the fragrance or cologne of your choice. Then, compare the prices and figure out which one fits your needs, both by preference and price.

You can always do research in other areas, as well, for the best possible price on the perfume or cologne of your choice. For example, if you have a computer and internet access, you may be able to find several web sites offering discounted prices of designer fragrances online, then find which web site best suits your needs.

To buy the cheapest, is not necessarily the best, when it comes to perfumes and colognes. To be able to find the best quality cologne or perfume and at a discounted price, would be even better!

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