Beauty: Getting The Best Results With Hair Removal Wax

Quick guide to professional hair removal techniques. Buying guide for home hair removal. Tips on storage and purchase of supplies.

Trips to the manicurist often include services for hair removal. While it is always preferable to have a professional perform your hair removal, it may become costly. Hair removal may be performed privately, in your own home, with a minimal amount of instruction and the purchase of a home waxing kit.

Many home waxing kits promote quick, easy painless hair removal. While all of that may be so, it is important to realize one basic fact. The wax is not easy to work with. Dispensers easily become clogged, and are rendered useless. Wax may be over-heated and cause serious burns. What to do? Here are some tips that may save you a little trouble.

First it is advisable, if you have not done so already, to invest a few dollars and have a small amount of hair removed by a professional. This will give you an idea of what to expect, as well as what you are trying to emulate. You may notice that professionals prefer open containers of wax, as opposed to applicators. A small microwave-safe container with a lid may prove much more practical in the end. Purchase your wax from any pharmacy, in the hair removal section. If your pharmacy does not carry it, investigate online sources or local beauty suppliers. In addition to the wax, you will need flat applicator sticks and gauze pads. Mineral oil is what most professionals use to treat the area after the removal, and it will also remove any excess wax from your hands.

Once you have purchased your supplies, melt your wax in your microwave-proof container according to the directions on the packaging. Allow the wax to cool to the point that it is still pliable without scalding your skin. Using your applicator, apply a small amount of wax to the area you wish to treat. This may take some practice, as too much wax may irritate your skin, and too little wax proves ineffective. A good amount to start with is about half a teaspoon on the end of the applicator. Apply the wax as if it were a paintbrush, using even strokes to coat the area. Using your gauze, cover the waxed area before the wax cools, pressing lightly to ensure that the entire area is covered. Once your area has been covered by wax and gauze, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and rapidly pull the gauze off the area. You may need to repeat the process, according to how much hair there is to remove from the area. After you have removed all excess hair, use a tweezers to clean up any stray hairs, and then immediately apply mineral oil to the affected area. This will decrease swelling, and cool the skin, as well. Repeat the above procedure in every area you wish to treat, warming your wax as necessary. Some people like to keep their wax in a heated container, which may be purchased from a beauty supply store, but to keep the expense minimal, a quick shot in the microwave every now and then softens the wax quite nicely. When you are through, dispose of the applicator and used gauze, allow your wax to cool, cover it, and store for next time. After awhile, and some practice, you'll never need to visit a professional hair-remover again.

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