Beauty And Grooming Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolyses is permanent remove hairs method, not cheap, and there is mild pain, but it is effective mode of permanently removing unwanted hair from any body part.

Hair removal is a big business in the United States and throughout the Western world.Both men and women strive to find the most effective ways to remove unwanted and unattractive body hair.Electrolysis may have started gaining media attention in recent years, but this method of hair removal actually dates back to the mid-1870s, when it was first introduced as a means of permanently removing ingrown eyelashes.The inventor of electrolysis was Dr. Charles E. Michael, an eye doctor.Since its advent well over a century ago, the procedure has been simplified and nearly perfected, although there are still a few potential drawbacks.If you are interested in a permanent hair removal alternative, you should contact a professional electrologist.

The process of electrolysis is actually quite simple to understand.A needle is inserted into an individual hair follicle, and radio or electric waves permanently destroys the hair follicle so that hair cannot grow back.When you shave, you are only removing the hair that has already protruded the skin, and with waxing the root of the hair is removed, but the follicle is intact, and therefore hair can grow back.The only way to prevent hair from returning is to kill the follicle.There are three methods of electrolysis: short wave, galvanic, and a blend of both short wave and galvanic.The short wave method, also referred to as alternating current electrolysis, utilizes high-frequency radio waves that rapidly oscillate and vibrate so that the cells in the follicle are heated up and destroyed.The galvanic mode, also referred to as direct current electrolysis, sends a direct current to the hair follicle which causes a chemical reaction that kills the follicle.The blended method, also known as dual modality electrolysis, uses the heat and the chemical reaction to attack the follicle.It is generally agreed upon that the blended method is the most efficient mode of electrolysis hair removal.

Electrolysis isn't an in-and-out type of treatment.You will need to make continuous visits to your electrologist in order to meet your hair removal goals.There isn't a standard time period either, because every patient is different.Factors such as heredity, hormone changes, hair growth patterns, and the thickness and density of the hair are all relevant.It may take months to see the results, but as any electrologist will tell you: good things come to those who wait.Your electrologist should go over a treatment schedule during your preliminary evaluation, and it is important that for optimal results, you do not diverge from the schedule.The cost will obviously vary depending on how much hair you are aiming to remove and how long your treatments are expected to continue.There is an incredibly broad price range when it comes to electrolysis, from about $25 an hour up to as much as $150 or more an hour.Sometimes beauty comes at a high price.

Many people who are looking into electrolysis are often worried that there is tremendous pain associated with it.In reality, the pain is usually very mild, and it varies from patient to patient since everyone has a different threshold for pain.Also, you can use electrolysis to remove hair from any part of your body (after all, it was developed to be sensitive enough for use on an eye lid!).Make sure that you verify that your electrologist has had extensive training, proper licensing and certification, and a proven track record.Don't hesitate to ask to see some before and after pictures and any documentation that proves your electrologist is legitimate.Also, be sure to get a definitive price break-down before you begin treatment.

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