Beauty And Grooming Do It Yourself Home Electrolysis Hair Removal

This is an overview of home electrolysis. Contained are tips for safety and some of the concerns tied to doing this treatment at home.

Unsightly hair can be a problem for many people.Things such as heredity and hormonal problems can lead to hair in places we simply do not want it to grow.Hair on the upper lip and darker hairs on the chin are a big concern.Some people simply get tired of the endless plucking to keep their eyebrows neat and trimmed and are looking for a solution.

There are a variety of options for hair removal.You can pluck, wax, or shave.Plucking with tweezers and waxing is basically pulling the hair out by the root.Most of the time, this is slightly painful and the results only last a few days.Shaving is hard on your skin and the hair comes back almost immediately.The only truly permanent way to remove hair is electrolysis.

Electrolysis is the insertion of a very tiny needle into the hair follicle.A zap of electricity kills the hair, which is then removed with tweezers.This zap of energy should also deaden the follicle so that the hair will not grow back.

Electrolysis is best done by a professional.It is a tedious process and requires skill to be done correctly.Sessions can be long and you must return numerous times to get the desired result.How much time and how money it will cost you depends on how much work you need done.

There are exceptions to this however.Some people live too far away from a trained professional to make the regular trips needed.It can become very expensive.If this is the case for you, and you wish to do this at home, here are a few tips to help you out.

- Have a comfortable place set up before you begin.Comfort is a must or you will quickly tire and give up.

- Read the instructions thoroughly before you begin.

- Take a warm or hot shower before you start.This will help your pores open.

- Exfoliate and keep your work area as clean as possible.

- Use the brightest light you can find.Natural sunlight is the best option.

- Find a mirror that magnifies your face or other work area.

- Some people take over the counter painkillers before hand to help with the pain.This procedure is painful if done correctly.

- Have rubbing alcohol nearby.Use cotton swabs dipped in the alcohol to repeatedly clean the needle and the tweezers to help prevent infection.

- Be sure to moisturize your skin before and after.Skin if very delicate, protect it the best you can.

- Only do a small area at a time.Doing no more than one square inch at a time is preferable.Wait two to three days between treatments so your skin has time to heal.Your skin may be red and some swelling may occur.

- Keep in mind that the only products that will kill hairs permanently are the kind that uses a needle to go inside the follicle.There are other products that will destroy the hairs, but the hair will grow back.

Along with these tips, there are some serious warnings that should be addressed as well.Electrolysis done improperly can lead to scarring and infection.

- You can very easily damage your skin if this treatment is done improperly.

- If the needle is not inserted to the root of the hair, you might kill the area directly above.This can lead to a new hair growing in that is caught under your skin. This can cause bumps and painful swelling as well as a scar.

- You must be patient and expect pain.

- Sterilize your equipment as if you were in an operating room.

- The results will not be permanent unless you do this with perfect technique.

- Hair grows in cycles.Remember that you may have to do this over and over again.

- Proper insertion of the needle is extremely important.It should slide into the follicle, and not pierce the skin.

- Also remember that you are dealing with electricity.Be aware of your work area and what you are doing.

- You can cause permanent damage to your skin if you aren't extremely careful.

- Doing this on yourself is tricky due to the angles of your face or body.Some areas will require someone to help you.

- Above all, do not rush.If you are unsure, do not do this at home.Safety and health should always come first.

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