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Women with oily skin can look great and fight oil and shine with the right makeup. A full-coverage oil-fighting foundation and a high-quality pressed powder are essential.

Many women with oily skin complain that they have a very difficult time finding make-up that stays in place and looks flattering without increasing their skin's oiliness.Unfortunately, women with oily skin often have other latent skin problems, such as enlarged pores, excessive shine, and an overall coarse appearance.When women with oily skin put on make-up, it tends to become darker throughout the course of the day because the oil in the skin mixes with the make-up, distorting the intended color.Luckily for oily-skinned ladies, there are many makeup options that can help to reduce oil and shine.


A high-quality oil-fighting foundation can greatly improve the condition and appearance of your skin.Since so many women who have oily complexions also have red, blotchy, and acne-prone skin, foundation is crucial because it can even out the skin tone and hide blemishes and imperfections.Look for full-coverage matte foundations, rather than light or medium coverage foundations which will not be durable enough for oily skin.Also, only buy foundations that are explicitly marked for oily skin.Apply the foundation with a make-up sponge, and not your fingers.Using your fingers to apply make-up may be easier, but it can cause you to transfer even more oil onto your face.Use as little foundation as you can - a light covering will last longer than caked-on foundation.If you pile on your foundation as many women do in an attempt to doubly cover up their problematic skin, the foundation will be too heavy and you will look like you have a mask on.Choose a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin; this way, if the oil in your skin darkens the tone of the foundation, it won't matter.Maquimat Ultra Natural Naturally Matte Foundation by Lancôme Paris is a great choice for oily-skinned women.


After applying your foundation, you should move on to a pressed powder to lock in your look and combat oil.Loose powders are not a good choice for oily skin because they provide far less coverage than pressed powders.Again, you want to look for the full-coverage matte varieties that are designed for oily skin.When you apply the foundation, use a light pressing motion, as if you are blotting on your powder rather than smoothing it over your face.If you simply glide the powder puff over your face, you will weaken your foundation.One of the best oil-fighting pressed powders is Clinique's Stay Matte pressed powder, which is oil-free and oil-absorbing.Your powder should be one shade lighter than your skin.Reapplying your pressed powder every couple of hours will help to defend your skin against oil throughout the day.


If you have chosen the right powder and foundation, then you should not have a difficult time with your blush, despite your oily skin.As long as you go with a pressed powder blush, you should be okay.Avoid cream and liquid blushes - they are a nightmare for any woman who is prone to oily skin.Apply your blush with a make-up brush, not your fingers or a powder puff.Another tip to keep in mind is that your blush should be a shade lighter than the shade you are trying to achieve, just in case of darkening due to oiliness.


Eye make-up is very tricky for women with oily skin.The number one problem is that after having eye liner and shadow on for a few hours, oil causes lines and creases to form in the fold of the eyelid.To avoid this, the first thing you can do is to apply foundation and pressed powder to your eyelids before you apply your eye make-up.Next, only use pressed powder eye shadows - not creams or liquids.Never ever use a liquid eye liner either -- it will run and smudge very fast even if you only have slightly oily skin.Use an eye pencil, and after applying the liner, dab some shadow on top of it to lock in the color.

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