Beauty: Laser Hair Removal

Because it is a quick relatively painless procedure that provides lasting effects, laser hair removal is gaining in popularity. Though costly, the procedure is fairly simple.

Many women desire a smooth, hairless appearance on their skin, but the daily shaving, frequent waxing and bleaching that is most commonly used for hair removal gets tedious and redundant.Other options are on the market, and laser hair removal is gaining in popularity.It is relatively painless, and less time-consuming than electrolysis. There are very few risks involved and the procedure provides lasting effects.

Laser hair removal is a process in which a light set to a specific wavelength is directed at the skin through a handheld device. The light then targets darker areas, usually hair, damaging hair follicles while leaving surrounding skin intact. Usually several treatments are needed to get lasting, and sometimes permanent results. Unlike electrolysis, where each hair follicle has to be treated individually, laser hair removal can cover an area of skin at once, thus requiring less procedure time. Most patients feel a slight, stinging sensation or nothing at all. Because of the way laser hair removal works, people with dark skin or those who tan frequently may not be ideal candidates. In order for this procedure to be effective, the hair targeted has to be darker than the surrounding skin.

A doctor or a nurse under the doctor's supervision performs laser hair removal in a clinical setting, usually.An area such as the upper lip can be completed within about a half hour, and the patient can then return to normal daily activities, provided they are somewhat sedentary. Typically, each session costs about $500.00, though it varies depending on the size of the area to be treated.Because hair follicles in the rest phase will not respond to treatment, four to six sessions are usually required for thorough removal.Insurance companies do not cover the cost, as it is a cosmetic procedure. Usually two or three months will be the time span between sessions.

Some advantages of this procedure are that it is relatively safe and effective. If re-growth occurs, it is often lighter and of finer texture. The disadvantages are that it is costly, and requires several visits. It is not guaranteed, and if you tan or have dark skin, or have blonde or red hair, treatment will be more difficult. Laser treatment will not have an effect on hair without pigment (gray hair).

When choosing a clinic, be sure you are dealing with a licensed practitioner and that all staff are under the direct supervision of a doctor. Stay away from clinics that will not quote you a price over the phone. You want a clinic that is straightforward and honest, both in their pricing and practice.

In preparation for your session, you should not wax the area for 6 weeks prior. You shouldn't bleach your hair, and you should try to avoid tanning. You should discuss with your doctor any medications you are taking. Sunbathing and tanning should be avoided for approximately 2 months after the procedure because the skin is more sensitive, and discoloration of the skin could occur. But overall, laser hair removal is a safe, effective and virtually painless way to achieve the smooth skin that is desired.

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