Beauty And Makeup Tips: Nail Polish Colors Which Match Your Lipstick And Dress

Women accessorize their looks with nail polish and lipstick, but what are the ideal colors and what are the mistakes to avoid? And how do you coordinate the two so they match your wardbrobe?

Many women work to create a coordinated look from head to toe. Accessorizing well is not limited to jewelry, scarves and purses. Makeup counts too. The right nail polish and the right lipstick can help a woman keep her look pulled together.

While it's good to be coordinated, there's a fine line between matching colors and going for a look that's over the top. To avoid these color coordinating mistakes, it's a good idea to find out which hues work for your skin tones, your style and the season for which you're dressing.

Fair skinned women look great in rosy pinks, sheers and light pastels like blue and lavender. Ethnic skins look best in deeper hues like red and orange. These darker complexions also wear gold, purple and other striking hues very well. Lips especially look great in plum and rich browns.

Your personal style factors into your nail polish and lipstick choices as well. A conservative woman with a shy personality would never be able to wear bright attention grabbing colors like hot pink lipstick or sunny yellow nail polish. And a flashy dresser would not be comfortable in a subdued look of nude polish and sheer lip gloss.Personal preference dictates makeup choices great, so mix and match looks and products until you find your ideal color style.

When it comes to seasonal selections for nail polish and lipsticks, there are lots of choices. For fall, try gold, sandy brown and plum polishes and lipsticks. All are very warm tones fitting for harvest time.Don't worry about perfectly matching the polish to the lipstick. These earthy hues work well together in a variety of shades. And the colors look great with autumn wardrobes of suede, wools and tweeds. Go for that crisp look that is so coveted in the fall.

Dress your lips and nails in lush winter colors to play up the season. In winter opt for colors with dark berry tones like mulberry, cranberry or deep reds that bring out that holiday spirit and the subdued feeling of winter. This time of year lipsticks and nails can be bold and striking to create a very polished look that needs very little additional accessorizing. Dressing this time of year is usually very cozy. Whether you're wearing a velvet party dress, a luxurious cashmere sweater or comfy corduroys, you're sure to want to dress up your look with the colors of the season.

By the time spring rolls around, you want to break away from the deep hues of winter. Opt for softer, fresher colors like light peaches, pinks and corals. For a daring spring look, try baby blue or lavender nail polish, complemented by sheer lip glosses in nude hues or light purples and pinks.

Summer nails and lips can be less fuss than any other time of the year. For summer, have a little lighthearted fun with some bright hues including lively corals, fabulous fuchsias and funky blues and yellows. Lipsticks are equally lively. Try glosses in bright pinks, reds and grape.

And let summer's carefree wardrobe reflect summer fun. At the office many women can sport brighter lipstick and glamorous nails.There's one caveat though. Sparkles and glitter polishes can be fun for a sassy look like a night out on the town or a getaway in the islands, but they also exude a young look""think teenagers on summer vacation. For professional looks steer clear of these trendy polishes unless you want your nails to project a youthful flashiness.

When in doubt any time of year, there are nail polish standards that look great on just about everyone. For a universal elegance and beauty, try nude colored polishes or French manicures. Both are sophisticate, subtle and never look overdone.

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