Beauty Salon Service Information

When you visit a beauty salon, have more than your hair done. Try other beauty services that can help you look and feel great.

Dashing into a beauty salon after work or between errands leaves just enough time for a quick haircut or style. But if you can find an extra hour or so, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that your local beauty salon can assist with more than your hair. Call ahead to find out the price and amount of time needed for services like the following:

1. Get a manicure. Have your fingernails filed, trimmed, painted, and decorated to add beauty accents to your style. Try a new nail length, either shorter or longer, or wear a color different than what you're used to, perhaps lighter or darker. Small stickers or temporary tattoos in the shape of stars or another symbol can be added to your nail decor for a truly new look. Have the same done to your toenails for a pedicure, especially in warm weather. Find out if you have athlete's foot and what to do about it, if so.

2. Have your eyebrows shaped. If you haven't tweezed your eyebrows recently, it may be time for a touchup. Let a beauty technician try a new eyebrow shape or style. This can be penciled in first so you can see what it will look like before having the hairs removed by tweezers or waxing. Have the expert experiment with varying brow colors, such as medium or dark brown in lieu of black. While you're there, it may be a good time to have visible nose or ear hair removed, if the salon provides these services.

3. How about a tanning session? While you must be careful in getting skin tanned through use of a tanning bed or artificial skin color, you may want to try a complimentary session lasting just seconds if the salon will provide one. Many are eager to offer a free session in hopes that the customer will return for more that can be purchased. Follow directions and safety guidelines to avoid injury or damage to your skin or eyes.

4. Get your hair a deep conditioning. Applied by a hair technician and left for several minutes, a deep conditioner, unlike the at-home variety that stays on a moment or two, is covered by a heat cap and allowed to penetrate the hair shaft for greater effectiveness. The product protects each hair strand with a long-lasting coat that can leave your hair feeling silky and replenished. While you can perform this treatment at home, it's time-consuming and potentially messy, so why not have it done at the salon?

5. Shop for hair products. Most salons feature a professional line of hair care products that include shampoo, conditioner, and color enhancer for every type of hair, whether it's permed, highlighted, or colored. The advantage to buying the same line of products is that you get consistency and items that work together, having been prepared by the same manufacturer. You also may be able to get discounts when you buy several products at the same time or over a period of several months. Ask for savings coupons, too.

Make your next salon visit an event rather than a quick stop. Experiment with some of their auxiliary services to see if the time saved and the expertise that is applied to your skin, nails, and hair is worth the price.

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