Beauty Tips: Adding Color Streaks To Hair

Easy instructions on how to add temporary streaks or highlights to your hair that can be shampooed or washed out later.

If you're tired of the same old hairdo, but don't exactly want to dye it, maybe you can add a few streaks of color instead. Blonde hair is great for streaking, since almost any color stands out nicely, whereas people with darker hair will have to be very selective in their choice of colors to use for streaking. Blondes can streak their hair successfully with just about any color, except of course, certain shades of yellow or white. Brunettes will have to settle for shades that will show up on their dark locks, such as bright red or orange, light blue or green, and yellow, silver or gold. There are many different hair-streaking products available at most any department or beauty store, and they work somewhat like mascara. You dip a "wand" into a solution, then brush or otherwise apply it to portions of hair. Usually it is quick-drying and comes in a variety of colors, from red, to black, to gold. The trick to applying this type of streaking is to get extremely close to the roots or it will look like you've run into wet paint somewhere. You can get the closest by separating a strand of hair, and holding it out with one hand while using the tip of the wand to get very close to the scalp. If you touch the scalp with the tip of the wand, you could end up with a polka dot on your head, so be careful when beginning each streak. When you get to the end of the streak, you find yourself with nowhere to hold on to the hair. Above the wand is still wet and below the wand is where you want to color, so you can't hold on to it there. Do most of the streak; allow drying, and then finishing the bottom of the streak. This is the best way to get a complete streak, but be careful not to start out too dark on the bottom application, or it will be noticeably different than the rest of the streak. For best results, do small strips of hair, not wide ones.

Common mascara, which comes in black, brown, blue, green can also be used for streaking the hair, but make sure the mascara is not waterproof or you won't be able to simply shampoo it out. If you have accidentally used waterproof mascara, you'll probably have to use baby oil or make up remover to rinse it all out. Eyeliner is another product that can be used to streak hair, but again, check to see that it's not waterproof.

Some people want to have wild-looking hair for a party, so they color their hair temporarily by a different means. After shampooing or wetting the hair, let dry until it is no longer dripping. Open a pack of powdered drink mix and with rubber gloves, apply the powder to the hair where desired. Powdered drink mix rinses out of the hair, but will stain skin, so apply carefully. Take care not to find yourself in a downpour when using this method, though. Also, it's not a wise idea to use the powdered drink mix if you'll be attending an outdoor event. Powdered drink mixes contain sugar, insects love sugar, and you can imagine the rest.

There are also temporary rinses that can be applied to the hair, too. These come in a bottle and are squirted onto the hair. Rinses like this are not the best choice, since it's difficult to control where the temporary dye goes. It runs down the hair and often drips, making it messy as well. If this type of rinse is the only product you have, you'll achieve better results if you put some in a disposable cup or bowl, then brush onto the hair with a paintbrush or cotton swab.

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