Beauty Tips: Advice For A Chip Free Pedicure

Learn several tips on how to keep your pedicure from chipping.

Every fashion guru knows that having a perfect pedicure is essential in the summer.Sandals and flip-flops are the cornerstone of summer fashion, and pretty, painted toenails look fantastic with open-toed footwear.Many women find that it is easy to give themselves pedicures at home.Local beauty supply stores carry all the tools of the trade, and doing an at-home pedicure might be far less expensive than going to the salon every week.Chipping polish has always been a problem for women who enjoy pedicures, though.Running around in the sand at beach and going swimming throughout the summer make it difficult to keep a pedicure looking great.If you want to avoid a chipping pedicure, try some of the following tips.

Soak your feet regularly and use a pumice stone to smooth out the rough areas of dry skin.Most people swim often in the summer, and the skin and nails of the foot are not accustomed to constantly being in water.If you soak your feet on a regular basis, the polish on your toenails is less likely to chip because your feet will be used to being submerged in water.Besides, soaking your feet and using a pumice stone keeps your feet nice and soft!

Remove any old nail polish from your nails.Leftover polish will make the nail uneven, and uneven areas are prone to chipping.

Make sure your toenails are completely clean.Soap and other products can be left behind on the nails, so when you clean your feet, make sure you rinse them thoroughly with water.

Before you paint your toenails, dry them thoroughly.Any moisture between the nail and the polish can cause chipping.Use a dry washcloth and clean the entire nail, including the area in between the skin and nail bed.

Use a buffing board to remove ridges.Many people experience deep ridges on their toenails: ridges so deep that a buffing board will not remove them.If you experience this type of ridge, see your doctor, as it could be a sign of poor nutrition or fungal infection.If you have small ridges, a buffing board can remove them.You can find inexpensively priced buffing boards at most local beauty supply stores.

Buy a high quality base coat.This type of product will fill the uneven, ridged parts of your toenails, making it easier to apply the color coat.Remember, uneven areas on the nail are more prone to chipping.

Use high quality nail polish.There is a reason why salons only carry certain brands of polish: they are of a higher quality.Check with your local salon to see what they recommend.If you buy an inexpensive brand and find that it chips easily, avoid that brand and go to your local beauty supply store.Chances are, the beauty supply store will have higher quality nail polishes than the local drug store or supermarket.

Use topcoat.Once again, make sure that the topcoat you purchase is of a high quality.Try to apply a layer of topcoat every other day after your pedicure to keep it looking fresh.

Keep your feet uncovered while polish dries.Many women underestimate the amount of time it takes for nail polish to completely dry.Putting your newly painted toenails directly into a pair of sneakers will not only allow for smudging (if they are still very wet), but also put the foot into a humid area, which will lead to chipping.

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