Beauty Tips: Caring For Acrylic Nails

Find a vast array of products in your local drug or cosmetics store to help you keep your acrylic nails in tiptop shape.

So you have decided to ditch your nail tech at the local salon and handle the maintenance and care of your acrylic nails yourself. Caring for acrylic nails is not much different than caring for your own nails. You will only need a few more products to keep them in good shape. Make sure you always wash your hands with soap and water before working on your acrylic nails. It is easiest to find a flat and solid surface to use as your workspace and cover with a towel so you do not destroy that beautiful hardwood finish on the dining room table. You will need the supplies listed below before beginning any work on your nails.

* cotton balls

* paper towels

* non-acetone nail polish remover

* emery board/nail files

* acrylic nipper

* acrylic nails tips

* nail glue

* liquid acrylic

* powdered acrylic

* bowl of warm water

* base coat

* top coat

* polish

You will need to remove any polish you have already before beginning to work on your nails. Make sure to saturate a cotton ball with the non-acetone nail polish remover.After you've completed this step you will need to file your nails. Be gentle when doing this as you want to refrain from using too much force not only to avoid hurting yourself. Make sure you buff them gently as to apply a bit of grit to help the acrylic nails to stick to your natural nail. Make sure you are using a good quality artificial nail as the cheaper ones can yellow which looks extremely unattractive. You will need to have your nails set out and ready for application along with your nail glue. You will dab a bit of the glue onto your natural nail then gently slide the artificial nail onto your nail bed making sure it fits flush against your nail bed.

Once the nail has had time to set you may need to trim the nail to a length that will be more comfortable to you.After you have trimmed the nail to your desired length you need to file the nail to get rid of the sharp and ragged corners. Use the file to shape the nail.Pour the liquid acrylic into a small container then open the powdered acrylic. As you gently fill the nail you will brush on a small amount of the powdered filler then brush on the liquid filler. Make sure you have proper ventilation as these products smell bad and can be harmful. After the acrylic mixture has dried you will again need to file and smooth your nails. Now you are ready to polish. You can use a basecoat and a topcoat but it is not required. Choose the color of polish must suitable for you or go with a clear polish. Either way your nails look great.

Filling the nail will need to be done at least once a month perhaps more depending on the growth of your nail and damage that may come from your everyday lifestyle. Make sure to pay close attention to your nails to make sure you are taking great care of them.

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