Beauty Tips: How To Cut Black Hair

Here are some practical instructions for achieving a basic even cut for African-American textured hair. The step-by-step instructions will help you save money and time spend in the salon.

It may be challenging to cut African American hair, based on its texture and porous nature. Black hair is also exceedingly fragile. In order to straighten some of the curls, to obtain an even cut, it is best to wash your hair before cutting it. Most salons won't cut African American hair before it's washed. Typically, black hair is cut while it is wet.

You will need sharp shears. Your shears should be easy to manipulate. If you are left-handed, consider purchasing shears that are especially made for left handed users. Shears that are designed for haircuts can be purchased from a beauty supply store.

Begin by washing your hair is and parting it into the first section, using a wide-toothed comb. The teeth for the comb should have rounded edges, to prevent snags and breakage. Gently comb through the section, being careful not to tug or roughly pull through snags. Your hair is most fragile while it is wet, and it is more prone to breakage at this point. You should then be able to use two fingers in a scissor formation, and easily slide them down the waft of hair from the root to the tips. When you reach the desired area to cut, hold your cutting shears in the opposite hand and cut the hair straight or at a slight angle. If you are simply clipping the ends of the hair, cut directly above damaged areas or split ends. To achieve an even cut, take a small part of hair from the previous cut and use it to measure the next cut.

Continue this process until the desired length is reached. Comb through the hair and make sure that the cuts are even. You may want to use a water bottle to re-hydrate dry areas. Use your two fingers, in a scissor formation, to re-evaluate the length in certain sections. Typically, you may want to have a longer hair in the back and shorter hair on the sides. Use a hand-held mirror to see the back of your hair. You may want ask a friend for help in reaching some areas. If you would like a blunt or an even-cut, it's best to sacrifice damaged hair by cutting it. Don't try to save hair that is damaged, simply to add length to your style. The damaged hair will eventually break off, ruining your efforts. Keep in mind, that your hair may appear shorter when it is dry. Therefore, if you are cutting healthy hair, you should cut it at a length that is just a bit longer than your intended length.

You can dry your hair by sitting under a hooded dryer, using a blow dryer or letting it air dry. Hair that is relaxed will straighten further by using a hooded dryer or a blow dryer. In order to prevent breakage, take special care when blow drying your hair while combing through it. Check your hair periodically to make sure that all sections are dry. Once your hair is dry, you are ready to curl it or style in your new cut. Enjoy your new cut, and save money and time by cutting your own hair.

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