Beauty Tips And Reviews: The Best Ways To Remove Pubic Hair

You've decided you would like to remove your pubic hair but you can't decide whether you want to shave, wax or have laser hair removal.

Everybody has it. Nobody really likes it. Yet, how do we get rid of it? Pubic hair is one of those things many people don't like to talk about, and, yet it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is believed that pubic hair is just a throwback to our ancient ancestors who needed hair everywhere to keep warm. Nowadays, it just seems to get in the way as it really serves no purpose. If you have decided to remove your pubic hair, it can be quite a liberating experience. There are several ways to go about this, but the three most common are shaving, waxing and laser hair removal.


The number one rule of shaving, especially when it comes to shaving pubic hair is to ALWAYS use a fresh razor, not the razor you've been using the last couple of weeks to shave your legs. You do not want to get ingrown hairs, especially in that region. The first step you will take when shaving is to trim the hair. This will help you save the razor blade. Using scissors, clippers or an electric razor, carefully trim the hair down as close as you can get it. Take your time during all the steps of shaving to avoid nicks or cuts. Once you've trimmed your hair, soak the entire pubic region in warm water (with a bath or shower) or put a warm cloth over this area for at least ten minutes. This helps soften the thick hair. Once this step is done, you must lather your pubic area with shaving cream or shaving gel. Do not use soap or attempt to dry-shave. You can also use Vaseline to get a closer shave. To avoid ingrown hairs, shave in the same direction that the hair grows. Do not repeat shaving over the same spots. A few short shaves should work just fine. You may want to pull your skin taut to get some of the harder to reach spots. Be very careful when shaving around the more sensitive areas. Take your time. If you want, ask a spouse, boyfriend or trusted friend to help with these harder to reach areas, but try it yourself first. Once you are shaved and rinsed, very gently exfoliate this area with a wash towel or a loofah and gentle soap to cleanse the pores. Once you are dried off, apply moisturizer that contains Vitamin E to the entire area. Do this everyday after you shower to prevent irritation.


Many people prefer waxing to shaving due to the fact that the area will not grow hair as quickly afterwards. Also the hair tends to grow back less coarse, which is a plus. When waxing, the best thing to do is to visit a professional. You can, indeed, buy home waxing kits, but you will probably need a friend to help you anyway because it is very hard to wax at that particular angle, as many waxers will testify. Waxing involves putting hot wax on strips of clean cotton cloth. These strips are then applied to your pubic area, allowed to dry and then quickly pulled off along with your pubic hair. If you get a professional wax, the waxer will probably tweeze any rogue hairs that may have been left behind. Once waxed, you will still need to apply moisturizer or aloe vera to this area to prevent irritation. Your pubic area should stay hair free for about two weeks.

Laser Hair Removal

If you want to go the route of semi-permanent to permanent hair removal and have some money to spend, then laser hair removal may be just the thing for you. This involves a laser beam that targets a square area of hair or a specific hair (depending on which laser hair removal company you go to). The follicle is heated to a temperature that slows down hair growth. After laser hair removal, it is common to experience redness of the skin as well as a slight swelling. However, you will definitely never have to wax or shave again. Some laser hair removal companies offer a type of guarantee that offers free hair removal of rogue hairs that sprout up after the procedure. This is definitely the way to go if you never want to deal with pubic hair again.

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