Becoming A Teen: Party Themes For A 13Th Birthday

If you're looking for a fun party theme idea for a 13th birthday party, here are some suggestions that your teen will enjoy.

When birthday time rolls around for your youngster, there's always a lot to do. Coming up with a unique theme is among the most challenging of these tasks, especially when it's for a child who's celebrating a 13th birthday. They're no longer young enough to appreciate Barney or the Smurfs, and they're not quite old enough for a more sophisticated birthday theme. What's a parent to do? This year, relax and read on for a few inspiring suggestions.


Surprise your new teen with a nighttime party which boasts a glow-in-the-dark theme! Guests will be thrilled when they're escorted into a pitch black room that contains phosphorescent party items. Party stores carry a wide variety of items for such an occasion, including tablecloths with designs that glow in the dark and matching accessories. Other such items include hats, plastic watches, bracelets, glow sticks, cake toppers, birthday candles and wall decorations, to name just a few. To produce a lasting glow-in-the-dark effect, exchange the regular light bulbs in the room with black lights.


Play up the "13" theme by throwing a superstition party. Decorate the party room with representations of common superstitions and have the guests try to figure out the superstitious belief behind each one. Decorating ideas can include black cats, small plastic ladders, salt shakers, plastic horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, mirrors, rabbit's feet, small open umbrellas and many more! Even the birthday cake can become part of the theme, since the inability to blow out all of the candles at once is considered to be bad luck!


Since your son or daughter is the star of the party, integrate Hollywood into this year's decorations. Use a red runner leading into the party room and place large shiny gold stars on the floor to each side of it. Write the name of a guest on each star and save the star for the portion of the floor at the end of the runner where the guest of honor's name can be written. Party hats can be black top hats for males and rhinestone tiaras for females. Decorate the walls with posters of contemporary or legendary movie stars - cardboard stand-ups can be used, too. Place a movie slate on the party table, as well as a plastic version of the Oscar Award. Make popcorn one of the snacks, and serve it in cardboard containers such as the kind you'd find at the theater. Other decorations can include ticket stubs, a film tin, glittery rings, a camera, sunglasses and plastic champagne glasses.


For a party that's a bit out of the ordinary, try twisting things up a bit! The idea behind this particular theme is that everything - decorations, cake, plastic ware, etc. - should be twisted in design. For instance, you can purchase plastic cups at party stores that have twisted stems. Balloons can be blown up and twisted; packages can be decorated with twisted ribbon; even the cake can be twisted by making (or ordering) a marble cake with swirled chocolate and vanilla frosting. As one of the party games, the kids can all play Twister.


Throw a tie-dye party for your teen. Party stores carry decorations for this type of theme, including everything from table settings to decorations and party favors. Order a confetti cake (white cake with colorful candy sprinkles mixed into the batter) with a tie-dye design on the white frosting. When the invitations go out, encourage guests to wear theme clothing. This will be a fun, colorful party atmosphere that will encourage the guests - and the birthday boy or girl - to really let loose and play retro games or dance to 60's music.


Celebrate your son or daughter's 13th birthday by arranging for a day of laser tag. These types of facilities typically offer special packages for birthdays and other occasions and provide hours of fun for the guests. Even parents can get into the game! After the fun, take teens out for pizza or Chinese food - let the guest of honor choose the restaurant. A birthday party that's away from home, such as this one, will provide an extended day of fun"¦with no clean up!

Any of these themes would be appropriate, regardless of the teen's gender. For more party theme ideas - or for assistance with the decorations and other party supplies - contact your local party store consultant.

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