Beginner's Guide To Korean Barbecue

Read this informative guide to learn what you'll need to hostyour own Korean Barbecue this weekend!

If you love the taste of Asian food, then you will love to fix your family and friends a Korean Barbecue! This type of barbecue isn't like your American fare of hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks fixed on a charcoal grill. The Koreans have their own way of doing things, and their barbecue menu

is definitely an Asian blend of delicious sauces, grilled and smoked meats, and assorted vegetables.

Before you gather up your accessories, you'll need to plan your complete menu and buy a good electric smoker. You'll need to prepare some type of meat, and you can cook it on a cast iron hibachi grill. If you're going to grill more than one type of meat, or a lot of it, you'll need more than one hibachi. Remember -different kinds of meats are never placed on the same grill!

(So, add cast iron hibachi grills, meat tongs, marinating dishes, a sharp slicing knife, charcoal, and a pair of sharp kitchen scissors to your list of accessories. The scissors will be used to cut the grilled items.)

If you serve beef it will need to be marinated and cut into thin slices. Since it's thin, it will cook quickly on the grill. So, you'll have to watch it closely so you don't burn or overcook it.

You can also grill chicken, fish, lamb, pork or shellfish on a hibachi along with a variety of vegetables. (Shellfish can be eaten with their shells on, so you don't need any special utensils for that.)

You'll also need to know that a Korean Barbecue is served family style. This means, that most of the food is placed in large bowls on the table. Except the rice; everyone gets a bowl of rice to themselves. Then, the diners use serving spoons to place a helping of the foods on their plate or in a smaller bowl. Chopsticks are used to eat with. (Just don't leave them sticking up in your bowl after you're done eating! Doing that is often considered to be a sign of death.) It's also okay to eat Korean Barbecue with your fingers too!

Note; If your family and friends have trouble eating their foods with chopsticks, you can also offer them small fondue forks too.)

(Add chopsticks, several serving bowls, serving spoons, fondue forks, and plenty of smaller bowls to your list too.)

Since hamburger buns aren't part of a Korean Barbecue, you'll need to serve lettuce leaves and plenty of Kim Chi along with the slices of beef. (Kim Chi is a dish of spicy cabbage that is fermented for a long period of time.) To eat the beef, you lay it in the lettuce, add some cabbage, then wrap it up.

Asian style barbecue sauce, however, IS part of this type of barbecue. A basic sauce recipe uses sake, soy sauce, honey, and sesame seeds. Therefore, you'll need to make a large bowl of it. Every diner gets their own bowl of Korean barbecue sauce to dip their lettuce wrapped beef into.

Other staples of a Korean Barbecue include dishes of pickled vegetables, soup, casseroles, and Asian tea to drink.

(Add small dishes and tea cups to your list of accessories too.)

Finally, as you can see, you'll need a minimal amount of different accessories in order to host your own Korean Barbecue. Mainly, you'll need plenty of bowls- large and small- to serve the food in!

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