Beginners Tips To Bottle Collecting

Beginners tips to bottle collecting! Finding unique, historical and interesting patterns and colors is the key to successful bottle collecting.

Remember when the milkman came to visit in the 1930's and 1940's? Unearthing some of those bottles in a field or at an auction can prove to be an extremely valuable find!

Unique qualities to search for in a milk bottle include a bulge near the lip of the bottle, also known as a "cream top." This indicates the bottle was made in the pre-World War II years when the milkman used to make his rounds carrying wire racks full of bottles.

The bottles also have a series of unique signature lines, and sometimes carried quirky slogans that children enjoyed over their breakfast. During the War years many of the messages were patriotic and these particular bottles are great finds for their historical value.

Age isn't always the chief factor for bottle collecting. Unique designs, eye-catching shapes and molds and illustrations are key bargaining points. Soda bottles molded into chrome finishes are very sharp and stylish, as well as picknick hamper bottles encased in wicker. Check for labels, patents and trademarks on the bottom of the bottles as well.

Many of us remember our parents and grandparents canning tomato sauce and fruits into Mason jars and storing them in cellars and basements. The Mason jar, originated by John Landis Mason in 1858, bear his uniquely designed screw-on lid. Each jar has a factory monogram, trademark and patent date. Finding a jar with an animal design and war heroes are eagerly desired by bottle collectors.

Any older bottle which still bears the original label is valuable, such as Tabasco sauce. Sometimes you will notice a rainbow tint on the glass. This usually occurs from prolonged contact with dirt or soil and is considered contamination, which devalues the bottle's worth monetarily. However, some avid collectors find that the rainbow hue adds to the overall ambiance of the bottle.

With all collectibles, it's not always the money value that makes it a unique prize. As your bottle assortment grows, you may become more interested and focused on a particular group or genre, such as blue bottles which once contained elixirs.

For bottle collectors, age, uniqueness and style are the key factors for an interesting and profitable collection.

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