Being The Only Child Syndrome

Being an only child has its advantages and disadvantages. Learn them by reading this article.

The first born child or an only child get many benefits from the parents. When they are first born they are lavished with attention and often times spoiled, getting whatever they want, not learning much discipline. The way parents teach the first/only child discipline and respect is much how they will react to situations much later in life. If the child stays an only child, in life the child will depend on their parents much of their life.

There is not a separation within the bond between parents and children when no other siblings are born, and thus parents are free to give all their attention and devote all their time towards the one child.

If the child is the first born and has other siblings, they tend to become very jealous at first. In this jealousy it could also cause them to lash out in irrational ways, but just at first. Generally the first born will then take on a silent responsibility of the second siblings. They protect them and have a knowledge of what a parent expects from them. Also they can tend to have more expected out of them from parents. Once a second child is born, the parents sometimes assume that the second child should take after the first, which in any case does not happen. The first born child usually drifts off and becomes more independent right away. They will tend to fend for themselves, taking on more tasks than they can handle and will not ask for help. Pleasing parents and trying to live up to expectations may be sometimes trying for a first born, but in most cases the expectations are set by themselves. They have the desire to succeed in many things in life, not only for other people, but for self fulfillment.

In most cases first born children will go into business as a career. They would be good in careers such as law, or as a cooperate in a business. Not much into dreaming, they like things straight forward and like to get tasks done at hand before jumping into bigger projects. Getting one thing done at a time is their objective. Usually a first born child will marry a last born child. The last borns need to be taken care of and the first borns need to take care of someone.

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