The Benefits Of Fitness Circuit Training

Fitness circuit training once or twice a week can significantly improve your overall fitness. A look at some of the many benefits.

Always check your exercise program with your doctor.

Circuit training has become increasingly popular with regular gym-goers; the reason being, that it provides a one-stop exercise session, combining cardiovascular activity, toning and resistance training. There have been several reports recently, about the many benefits you can derive from attending circuit training even just once or twice a week Studies have concluded that, depending on the structure and balance of the session, you can dramatically improve your fitness level by taking part in circuit training exercises. The key to success lies in the formula of performing a set of exercises quickly and in rotation.

The effectiveness of a circuit training session depends on several factors:

Length of intervals between circuits.

The number of circuits performed.

The number of workout stations.

The time spent at each station (60 seconds has been suggested as ideal).

The intensity and speed at which each activity is performed.

Whether rests are included between circuits. On this subject, there are mixed views. It is best to take into consideration your individual fitness level.

The diversity of exercises within a circuit. The greater the variety of activities, the better it is for overall fitness.

What are the main benefits of circuit training?

Whatever your level of fitness, whether you're a top athlete or merely a beginner, you can all work together in the same training session. It is perfectly acceptable for you to work at your own pace within each activity and workout-station. How you use your 60 seconds, is entirely up to you.

You can significantly improve your cardiovascular fitness level by exercising in short bursts of approximately 60 seconds each.

The types of aerobic exercises favoured by circuit trainers are targeted at maximum effect in the minimum time e.g. press-ups, leg raises, ski jumps, step-ups and shuttle runs are all excellent for elevating the heart beat rate. These exercises also concentrate on muscle groups which use a lot of energy.

If you follow an aerobic work-station with a high repetition and strength station, you will sustain a raised heart rate and therefore get the best possible results.

Circuit training is excellent for developing good basic strength and body tone.

Circuit training tends to concentrate on "compound exercises", i.e. those that use more than one muscle group at a time. These "combined" exercises are generally more effective than spending time on one piece of gym equipment that focuses on one set of muscles only.

The type of rotational activity involved in circuit training is an excellent fat burner.

Circuit training is psychologically rewarding. Whatever your level of fitness, you can really push yourself and set your own goals in the knowledge that you've only got 60 seconds worth of any activity before you move on to the next.

The benefits of taking part in circuit training can be summed up in a few words:

"Maximum results in the minimum time". It is probably one of the best methods of exercising as it provides excellent all round fitness, tone and strength.

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