The Benefits Of A Hot Oil Hair Treatment

Benefits to be obtained by a hot oil hair treatment

A hot oil hair treatment, homemade or store-bought, can be an inexpensive luxury with a variety of benefits.

Hot oil treatments come in two varieties, oil that is heated in either the microwave or stovetop, or a package that is immersed in hot water.Either variety will grant the same end results - conditioned hair.

Everyday environmental issues, including temperature changes, pollution and humidity, as well as regular brushing, and the use of hair products such as curlers, steamers, straighteners and dryers, can result in damaged hair.Brittle or dry hair can result from environmental issues, over cleansing or product use; breakage or split ends can result from the use of hair products to achieve the desired style.No one is immune - dry or damaged hair simply is a part of life.

To temporarily repair the damage, a hot oil treatment can help.Most store bought varieties require heating, massaging the oil into the scalp and hair, followed by a gentle rinse.A complete shampoo or over-rinse will defeat the hot oil's purpose.Be certain to follow the directions on the package to achieve the full benefit of a store-bought oil treatment.

Homemade oil treatments can be made with a mixture of common household oils, such as soybean oil or olive oil, and even the use of mayonnaise.Heat the mixture in the microwave or stovetop, apply and massage into hair and scalp, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes for full penetration and rinse.

All oil treatments need to be used with caution as any hot mixture can result in surface or first degree burns. It is always a good idea to test the temperature of the oil on the inside of your wrist before applying to your scalp.Too hot for your wrist?Let it cool.

Hot oil treatments can help with dry scalp conditions including dandruff.Since oil and moisturizers are the key ingredient, they can condition the scalp and skin in addition to the hair.However, hot oil treatments are a temporary fix and must be repeated during on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness.

Anyone who has enjoyed a day at the spa or even just a few treatments, knows the benefits of such a luxury.A hot oil treatment, even in a home environment, can bring the same results.Take time out from a busy schedule, relax and enjoy the heat of hot oil, the time alone and the warmth.Steal a few moments to catch up on catalog shopping or progress another chapter into that favorite book while the hot oil penetrates hair and scalp.Your few moments alone without a care, will benefit your mental health and that can only rub off on those around you.

If serious damage or dryness has occurred to hair, an extensive hot oil therapy including micro-silicone conditioners may assist.These products contain a self-warming conditioner that is massaged into the hair and, with time and a heating cap (such as a shower cap), will be absorbed into the cortex or core of the hair.This method does require slightly more time and effort, as well as expense, but will last longer and result in a higher degree of repair.

So take a few moments and treat yourself, those around you and especially your locks, to a luxurious hot oil treatment.

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