What Are The Benefits Of Tanning?

What are the benefits of tanning? Tanning actually has many benefits. It helps your body to produce vitamin D, and high levels of this vitamin are proven to help fight cancer. It is interesting to know that...

It is interesting to know that indoor tanning was invented first in Europe to harness the benefits of regular sunlight exposure. It was the way for Northern Europeans (who are generally light deprived) to get the advantages of being in the sun on a regular basis. It grew into the United States in the late 1970s and in the early 1980s. It was largely adopted as a cosmetic business. It became more about getting the tan in the United States, but the roots are still there and there are still customers in the United States who come to a tanning facility specifically for the therapeutic advantages. Being in the sun is the body's natural way to produce vitamin D. We are just now really beginning to see in full force what advantages that provides people to have fully complemented vitamin D levels in their body as opposed to a great percentage of the population today, which is vitamin D deficient. People get 90-95% of their vitamin D through exposure to the sun and our society has become more and more sun averse. For example, we work indoors, and we get our sunlight more sporadically than we used to. It has become difficult to manufacture vitamin D naturally through exposure to sunlight. One of the benefits of going to the tanning salon for a cosmetic tan is that the exposure to UVB light is the body's natural way to produce vitamin.

We are just now starting to see the individuals who have healthy vitamin D levels are much less likely to develop certain forms of cancer.

Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer are all much more common in people, who do not receive regular sunlight. We have known this correlation for a long, long time and only recently has research started to show that vitamin D plays a role in slowing the growth of cancer cells in these types of tumors. A small work is to be done in this field, but the advantages of following up on that work simply look enormous. What is so interesting is that because sunlight is free and people get their sunlight free, there are a lot of companies out there funding research into the advantages of sun exposure. That is a sad reality of how scientific research and medical research is conducted today. There has to be someone in the end, who is going to ascertain a benefit from conducting the research. And really the indoor tanning industry is the only business group that would stand to benefit from telling people to be in the sun. I have often said that if you received a bill monthly for your sun exposure like you did for your other utilities, the public message that we receive today from all of the marketing would feel greatly different about sunlight than what you generally receive today.

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