What Are The Benefits Of Using Energy Efficient Appliances?

What are the benefits of using energy efficient appliances? Energy efficient appliances will save a homeowner tons of money in electrical and gas bills. The benefits of using energy efficient appliances...

The benefits of using energy efficient appliances include giving people the opportunity to control their energy costs instead of being a victim of high-energy bills. People can take control of their energy costs and affect how much energy they are using by becoming aware of the situation.

"So many of us want to lower our electrical bills, but we don't want to take the responsibility of doing anything to lower them," says Dan Moore, a senior account manager for PNM, New Mexico's largest electricity and natural gas provider.

Newer appliances provide a clock thermostat, so a homeowner can control the usage of energy in the product.

"To have this device is nice because they automatically save energy," he says. With this device a homeowner doesn't really have to do anything in order to save energy, except setting the time that energy can be used on the thermostat. "That's why I like things like clock thermostats and insulation wraps; they're an inexpensive way for people to save energy if you don't have the money to buy a front loading washing machine, which can be a lot of money," he says.

Compact fluorescent bulbs can also save a homeowner a lot of energy because they don't have to be changed as frequently. These products are more costly initially, but after several uses the owner will save money in the long run.

"It's nice because they give you the same amount of light, but you are saving energy," Moore says.

You are saving energy effortlessly when you are using energy efficient appliances, compact fluorescent bulbs, and other Energy Star products. The product is doing the energy saving for you, and you don't have to do anything other than buy and install them.

According to the website EnergyStar.com, home performance with Energy Star is an innovative whole-house approach to improving the comfort and energy efficiency of a home. If the service of home performance with Energy Star is available in your area, a contractor will conduct a top to bottom energy inspection of your home to determine the cause of any problems associated with energy, like cold rooms, damp basements, moisture on windows, outdated appliances, and will give advice on how to insulate a home to prevent leakage of air. The contractor should also determine if the homeowner's gas or oil appliances are venting properly, and if not, what can be done to eradicate the problem. When the contractor is finished, recommendations will be given on how to save energy and money in the home. Some recommendations given could be air sealing, duct sealing, adding insulation, installation of energy efficient lighting, and if needed new HVAC equipment or new double pane windows.

"The best solution of most homes includes a combination of several improvements, and the contractor may perform the work or recommend contractors who can," the website says.

A utility company, state agency or a local association in your area usually provides home performance with Energy Star service. In order to find out who provides the service, one can look in the yellow pages or research it online.

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