What Are The Benefits Of Using A Laminate Countertop?

What are the benefits of using a laminate countertop? Laminate kitchen countertops will save you money. When discussing the benefits of using a laminate countertop, Ellen Mercer, who has been a kitchen designer...

When discussing the benefits of using a laminate countertop, Ellen Mercer, who has been a kitchen designer for eighteen years and is currently a designer at Cabinet Solutions, says, "Laminate countertops are gaining in popularity. Fortunately, the colors and the patterns have come a long way. There are many more to choose from." There are even patterns made now that try to imitate the look of wood or stone, such as marble and granite. In fact, Ellen says, "If there is a place in the budget that has to be cut, they cut the granite, and go for a laminate countertop. A laminate countertop will save you about 2/3rd the cost of the granite."

While waiting to afford your dream kitchen Ellen says, "Laminate might be the thing to do to get you into the beginning of the re-modeling project. You can always come back several years down the road to change out to your granite top if you like." In this way, you can improve the rest of your kitchen, using a laminate that closely resembles the countertop you want to install some day and you can start enjoying the space sooner. As said before, there are so many colors and patterns available that you are sure to find one that comes close to what you want or at least that complements your decor for the time being. This also gives you a chance to really "see" what everything will look like when it all comes together, kind of like a real life sneak preview into your design scheme.

Laminate, being the cheapest material also has its disadvantages though, that must be taken into consideration. Ellen comments that the one major drawback, to the laminate countertop, is that it is not a solid material. These "Solid Surface" countertops are as close to the real thing as you can get. It mimics the feel and appearance of stone, but is less expensive and usually a lot easier to maintain. But as Ellen goes on to say, "In savings, it is much, much more economical to do a laminate top."

Laminate is simple to maintain and clean, requiring no special upkeep but it is also easily damaged by sharp objects and scorched by hot cookware. When it is cracked or nicked, it is also a material that is difficult to repair. There are products available that will cover up the damage for a short time, yet these quick fixes are usually noticeable and do not last very long. But, if you are installing the laminate as a temporary solution to your budget in the first place, and planning on replacing your countertops in the future with a different material, the economical advantage far outweighs the drawbacks.

The benefits of being able to begin a re-modeling project sooner while taking the time to save up for a more expensive countertop, prompts many homeowners to choose this popular material.

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