Who Benefits Most From Using Organic Or Natural Pest Control?

Who benefits most from using organic or natural pest control? Organic or natural pest control targets families and pet owners. In this high-speed technology crazed world we live in, information about a multitude...

In this high-speed technology crazed world we live in, information about a multitude of topics is always available. Everyday consumers are doing more and more research on different types of items and their options before jumping head first in to spend money.

One issue that has and always will garner a lot of attention is safety. An advantage to homeowners, consumers, parents, and just about anyone else who thrives on information, is the advancement of technology which is slowly revealing safer ways to deal with everyday problems.

One area that has really taken strides in the right direction because of more information being made available is pests and the removal of them. It used to be that the only way to reduce the amount of pests and insects that dwell in and around a home was to get a professional out to spray the house with chemicals.

But today's consumer is making a change from the old days. Instead of bringing in what could be harmful chemicals, more and more homeowners are relying on organic and natural pest control as a safer alternative to spraying.

Mark Ruben has been working for Nature's Best Pest Management for 16 years. The company started in 1978, and they have specialized in organic pest control for the past seven years. Ruben says that his company, as well as others across the country, has a specific consumer in mind when offering organic and natural pest control options.

"We target pet owners," he says. "People that are chemically sensitive, recovering from catastrophic diseases, or may have been crippled. We target the general population that does not want chemicals around the house."

Ruben says that one of the main reasons why more and more people are moving to organic and natural pest control options is because of children that live in the home. Most experts will tell you that keeping chemicals away from children is always a good choice.

"Who wants their children exposed to chemicals?" Ruben says. "No sane person. With the amount of children that have all these psychological problems, it is dangerous to have children growing up around hazardous chemicals. I'll bet that that overexposure over many years in some way affects children to some degree. I do not know for certain, but I don't think anyone really wants to find out."

Some of the natural ways to control pests in and around your home have a lot to do with the other animals that live there. As tough as it may sound for anyone suffering from arachnophobia, spiders are one of the biggest assets in helping to reduce the insects and bugs in and around your home. If you don't want the spiders in your house,as most of us don't,experts advise to capture the spider and release it outside. Birds also aid in the insect problem, so be sure to allow your plants and shrubs around your home to be bird accessible. Ruben says that any option outside of spraying is the one he would suggest for a homeowner.

"We have had to live with some type of chemicals in the atmosphere around us," he says. "There are going to be chemicals around us due to manufacturing. There are things that we cannot control, but we should be able to control our home."

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