The Benefits Of Volunteering

Benefits of volunteer work in the community, including getting your children involved, that will not only help others but also give you a rewarding sense of fulfillment.

How many times have you encountered a worthy cause or a commendable organization and thought, "I wish I could volunteer, but I'm just too busy." With the increase of single-parent families and two-working parent families, it is difficult to find time for yourself, never mind finding the time to volunteer.

Actually, it is not as hard as you think, and the satisfaction you derive from helping others will only enhance your own mental attitude and decrease your stress level. Volunteering does not require a lifelong commitment, just any spare time you are able to give. Also, there are different ways to volunteer without ever leaving your home.

If you believe that you do not spend enough time with your children due to your busy schedule, volunteering can actually help if you get your children involved, too. Offering to cook a meal one night at a neighborhood shelter and having your children help you serve the dinners will not only give you immense satisfaction, it will also give you and your children quality time together and you will be teaching them the importance of giving back to the community.

Many people also feel that they are not "qualified" to serve as a volunteer. Most non-profit organizations are severely short-handed and are grateful for all the help they can get, and if any training is needed (which usually is not the case) they will gladly provide it.

Most children today are involved in some sort of neighborhood sport, whether soccer, Little League or softball. Since you already attend the games to watch your budding stars, why not volunteer to assist the coach or to man the concession stands or organize a field clean-up. While your children may not tell you, they will be very happy at your active participation.

If you are still too busy for "outside" activities, consider things that can be done right from your home. Talk to your children's teachers and offer to grade papers or photocopy (if you have access to a machine) classroom materials. Many non-profit organizations need volunteers to do phone work. For instance, the Vietnam Veterans collect used clothing and household items, and they have volunteers call to solicit donations.

Even giving blood at your local Red Cross or baking a cake for the church bake sale is a form of volunteering.

If you don't know where to start, start locally - your school, church or community center, or if there are certain organizations you feel strongly about, then call your local chapter.

Volunteers are the backbone of our society and unfortunately, they are dwindling in numbers. There are so many ways in which to volunteer and make it a family project. By volunteering you will not only be helping others but you will help yourself and your family by learning the true meaning of giving. That lesson alone is reason enough to get started!

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