Benetton Fashion And Style

Learn about the history and style of Benetton - a youthful hip style full of color and pattern. But did you know Benetton has an interest in sport and culture?

Benetton, activism, grass roots, fashion, style, international, Italian - all of these things fit together easily and have since the mid 1960's when the Benetton Group was formed.The Benetton family, brothers Luciano, Gilberto and Carlo along with sister Guiliana launched the Benetton Group along with other like-minded people.Dedicated to a focus of innovation and recognition of sport, well-being and cultural activity, Benetton's fashion style reflects a world unity that competitors wish was part of their product.

Social interaction is Benetton's strong suit.Achieved by a marriage of the fashion industry and culture, Benetton permeates not just the fashion world and the shopping malls of the planet, they take their message into music, theater, photography, traditional publishing and the Internet.They are where the youth of the world is and they are not only communicating they are a part of the world youth.Smart Benetton.


All activism and globalization aside, Benetton is probably best known for their advertising which involves the many beautiful faces and figures of the youth of the world.Splashed across the television screen, billboards, direct mailings and the web, the images are difficult to remove from the mind.Fresh, smiling, happy and serene the faces float back to the surface when the name Benetton is mentioned.

Benetton was the precursor to the present day Gap and Old Navy type department stores.In these stores the social aspect of meeting up and sharing a game of rugby, basketball, or soccer is packaged and presented to the public to sell fashion.The difference between Benetton and their American counterparts is Benetton goes one step further and actually supports sport and the introduction of sport to youth through out the world.


Infused with the spirit and style of Italian design, the fashion aspect of Benetton shares a resemblance in color and pattern to Missoni.Focused on innovative materials and production and the advancement of the fashion manufacturing industry, it is fair to say that Benetton reigns when it comes to creating with an eye toward the future.Benetton makes appoint of renovating and updating their processes every five years.

Drawing from the world palette, the many colors of Benetton are infused into the fashions and home furnishings they design.Sophisticated, hip, and flattering are the first words to come to mind.Comfortable, young, and easy come next.Color and pattern along with silhouette are important in this design house.

Benetton puts forward their fashions in a series of groupings under each type of clothing - men's, women's and child's lines along with a home furnishings group.The lines are full, and I mean full, of clothing, accessories and shoes.Each grouping is paired around a specific look and has associated with it accessories, shoes, tops and bottoms that work with the look.The ability to mix and match among the groupings is there if you have the eye and style for it.

Although the fashion that Benetton creates has a youthful appearance and definitely a European and International look and feel to it, taken separately the pieces are easily integrated into existing wardrobes no matter what surface of the planet you reside on.They serve as great update items for any wardrobe.

Benetton reinforces their commitment to youth and to international and cultural integration by using the most youthful, beautiful and unique of models no matter their age.Benetton may very well have been the first design house to spark this trend in fashion and advertising.

Recognizing the beauty in all of us is the greatest contribution Benetton has provided.Their fashion reflects their contribution.

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