Is It Better To Build A Home Or Purchase An Existing Home?

Is it better to build a home or purchase an existing home? Whether you build or buy a new home, it depends on your stress level and how well you know the builder. Depends on your stress level and how well...

Depends on your stress level and how well you know the builder. When we moved from Philadelphia the South Carolina, we built a dream home and only came down twice to see it and everything worked out well. I have also you know seen people have a lot of poor experiences. So you would want to know your builder. When you are building it's also easy to go over budget by wanting to add things; upgrade the wallpaper here or upgrade the carpet. But I will say that a lot of my real estate students have indicated that the first one into a subdivision you may or may not have the best value. If you buy the last house that comes into the subdivision you might get the best value because a lot of people when they move in to a brand new subdivision they really stretch themselves because they are trying to buy more than they are really comfortable in paying. And within a year or so they start selling. A resale house probably won't sell for the same amount of money as when it is brand new. So you lose money if you are the first ones in.

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