Better Education: Why Good Grades In School Are Important

This article will evaluate the importance of getting good grades in school, the benefits to a better education and beyond.

As parents we want our children to excel in the things they do""whether it is in sports activities, playing an instrument, or for academic success. But our hope for our children to excel in the things they do extends far beyond just wanting them to be the best. It is because we want the best for them. Today's society, however, has become one of great competitiveness and the need for good study habits and exceptional grades has become very important. Good grades are a reflection of more than just book knowledge""they also exemplify learned skills that you take and apply to your adult life. In fact, they give our children an edge in the work force that they wouldn't otherwise have.

First of all, children who get good grades have several good personal characteristics. One of which is self-discipline""a quality that is reflected in good grades. Some children are just born lucky and do not have to study hard to succeed in school. It just comes easy for them. However, most are not so fortunate and must really buckle down. For example, they must schedule certain times during the day in which they will sit down and do their homework or prepare for tests. This is not often easy for kids who would much rather be outside playing with their friends, playing video games or watching television. Children who have self-discipline often grow into adults with self-discipline.

With this in mind, it also stands to reason that those who know how to exercise self-control also have good organizational skills. For the most part, kids with good grades know how to maintain some semblance of order in their lives. They must know what to study, when to study, and for how long. Often times they must also fit extra curricular activities, such as a sport or musical instrument, into their schedules, as well. In addition to all of this they must still find time to have a social life of some sort. With such busy schedules they are bound to have good organizational skills which is also a much sought after quality in the work force.

Better education also makes for an open-minded individual. Learning allows a person to expand their horizons. Through reading a person is given access to experiences they would not otherwise have. A person from America can experience what it is like to go to another country. In other words, he can learn about different cultures and lifestyles. The knowledge that people live in ways different to us helps a person to be more accepting of differences in other human beings in our own society. This, too, is a necessary characteristic of someone in the working force.

When interviewing for a job most employers look for all of these qualities. He needs to know that his worker is going to be responsible enough to go to come to work on time every day, and that he will be able to get the job done. Of course, he won't be able to get the job done if he doesn't know how to organize his schedule and his life. Furthermore, he wants an employee who has been exposed one way or another to various other cultures and ideas. He needs someone who can work well with others regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. Employers see all of these good traits in a high achiever in school and realize that person is obviously a capable person and more likely to do a good job. To put it quite simply, good students are more marketable and more likely to get the job.

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