Which Is Better: An Electric Pool Heater Or Solar Pool Heaters?

Which is better: an electric pool heater or solar pool heaters? Solar heating and electrical heating systems are both great for backyard swimming pools. They both have great usage. A solar system (which...

They both have great usage. A solar system (which is something that goes on your roof) provides you heating whenever it is sunny without any additional cost. There is no electricity needed. It has its advantages and probably seven months of the year you are going to get warm water. You cannot guarantee a couple of those months when it is really cold, and depending if we have a lot of cloud cover then you do not get the pool warmed up. But, for an average homeowner it is a fantastic thing. The only deterrent for some people is that someone would have to get on top of their roof and actually have a solar panel on their house. The advantage of the electric heater is that it runs whenever you want it to heat the pool; but again, you have the additional cost of electricity on the months that you are running it.

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