Bicycle Storage Options: Outdoor Bicycle Racks

An outdoor rack might be the perfect storage solution for your bicycles. Find out what types are available and which is best for your bike.

If you're looking for a way to store your bicycles outdoors, a rack is one of several ways that you can do this. When you think of a bicycle rack, you probably think of the long, vertical, tubular iron racks that sit out in front of the local school. While this type is still in use today, racks have come a long way in their design. The newest design in the long, tubular bicycle racks is known as "the wave". Instead of the traditional, vertical iron bars that hold the bicycles in place, this type of rack has a long, curvy tubular bar that crosses the frame horizontally. Bicycles are either stored by placing each one under or over the curves.

If you're looking for a rack that will hold one bicycle temporarily outdoors, you may opt for a small, portable rack that you can move from place to place. This type of rack is small and square, and is made of iron. To use it, you simply place it on a level spot of ground. Then, you place the rear wheel of your bicycle between two metal frame pieces that stick up from the square base of the rack. The only problem with this type of rack is that your bicycle cannot be secured to the portable rack. Therefore, it offers no security value at all.

If you're looking for a bicycle rack that is more permanent, you might choose a large, tubular metal rack that can be secured to the ground. Obviously, if you don't have a concrete pad to set a rack on already, you'll need to have one laid. After the concrete is set, this type of bicycle rack is bolted securely to the concrete. The advantage of this type of rack is that you can use a cable or a chain and a padlock to lock your bicycle to it so that the chances of it being stolen are greatly reduced.

Or, you may choose a bicycle rack that is also known as a "pedrack." It's made of a durable metal, and it is installed into the ground. Then, when you want to store one or two bicycles, the frame of the bicycle is placed inside a shackling device connected to the rack. A metal, locking bar, along with a cable and padlock, secures the frame of the bicycle as well as the wheels too.

There's also a small, space saving rack you can choose that can store one bicycle. This rack is made of durable metal, and its frame resembles a triangle. It's permanently secured to the side of a garage or other outside building with screws. To use this type of rack, you just place the tire of your bicycle up against it.

This type of storage rack comes in all different sizes so you can store a couple bicycles or up to eighteen of them. There are also large, metal racks that simply set on the ground instead of being bolted, or otherwise secured down.

Other outdoor storage options include bicycle lockers and canvas-topped sheds. These are more suitable storage units if your bicycle is going to be stored outdoors for an extended period of time.

If you're interested in purchasing a rack, check with a local bicycle shop. Or, you can perform a search on the Internet by using the keywords "bicycle rack."

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