How to Find Big & Tall Men's Clothing

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    Finding clothes that are in XXXL, tall or larger sizes for men can be a difficult procedure. Most standard retail clothing stores simply do not carry such large sizes, going by the theory that most people in the general population wear smaller sizes. Anyone who wears larger sizes can tell you that putting on clothing that is two or three sizes too small is simply uncomfortable and disheartening. Finding clothing that fits big guys is possible; you just have to know a few tricks.
    • Step 1

      Do a search on for big and tall clothing in the "Business Name" window. Type the names of your city and state in the appropriate windows, too. Click "Search." A map of the closest few big and tall clothing stores will appear on your screen. Determine which one you want to visit and go check it out.
    • Step 2

      Scan the classified section of your local newspaper and look for garage sales that include listings for big and tall clothing. Because big and tall clothing is more difficult to find for men, it is also more expensive. Finding quality previously-worn big and tall men's clothing can be a good find.

    • Step 3

      Call the sales order lines of your favorite clothing manufacturers. Many clothing lines come in big and tall sizes; you just don't see these items on the store racks. If you call the sales order lines of these clothing manufacturers, you might locate a great find. Many times these manufacturers are simply out of their larger sizes, because they don't make as many pieces in these sizes and the pieces they make go fast.
    • Step 4

      Ask a friend who has lost a lot of weight and is now a smaller size. Because big men have such trouble finding inexpensive but quality clothing, taking the previously worn clothing from a friend is a great idea. Your friend may have gently used the clothing.
    • Step 5

      Place a special order for big and tall men's clothing from your favorite retail store. If you visit the store the rest of your family shops at, you can ask the clerk to order larger sizes. This allows you to get the clothing you want in the sizes you need.
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