Bike Trails In Denver

Bike trails in Denver. Denver offers plenty of mountain biking and hiking trails. We have the best sporting goods stores per capita of any city in the country. All of the sporting goods stores would have...

We have the best sporting goods stores per capita of any city in the country. All of the sporting goods stores would have bikes and a bike map, and that's the best way to go about it because a lot of them follow creeks and rivers and things. The trails are not really obvious, so you would want to have a bike map. Biking is now the new skiing. In the summer, every ski shop in the mountains transforms and becomes a mountain biking shop. You take your mountain bike right up on the ski lift and then the mountain has hundreds of miles of trails that you can go biking on in to the mountain; some of them are just absolutely spectacular. I have mountain biked, hiked, skied, or snow shoed every weekend for 30 years. Winter Park is great; that's a nice area that's owned by the city of Denver. We have 24 ski areas and they are all beautiful. They all have their own personalities. The park is a family resort now. They are building a whole new village right at the base of the mountain. You just bring your bike, they put it on the back of the chair and you go up on the chair. It's just like skiing; they have maps with the trails. They are color coded: green for easy, blue for intermediate and black for more difficult.

You can go just straight down and have a real rush of speed down to the bottom, or we like to get on the ridge. You can get on the ridges and follow the ridge for miles and miles. It's up and down a little bit, but not too bad with trails in all directions. A few weeks ago we biked down to another nearby town and then biked off along the river and followed that all the way back up to Winter Park and sat at the outdoor café and had lunch and a beer and it was just a great, great afternoon. There are hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails because they are linked to national forest trials too. From the top to the bottom, if you went straight down that's probably six or seven miles. But most people would link into other things and make an eight-ten mile trip. Everybody does it differently. I'm a 56-year-old man and I like going on the ridges. All the kids have got body armor on and they might go up and down at least five times a day. They go up and go down just as fast as they can.

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