Bikini Line Shaving

Gives tips on bikini line shaving, as well as suggestions on how to prevent razor bumps and irritation, and maintenance.

Shaving your bikini line can sometimes be more of a hassle than a help. People who suffer from sensitive or irritable skin after shaving can completely relate to this.

When shaving around the bikini area, or perhaps even the entire groin area, the first thing to remember is proper lubrication before starting. While a good shaving cream is always an intelligent idea to begin with, it is even more helpful to soap up the area to be shaved before applying the shaving cream. Once you have a nice, thick lather built up with the soap, apply your shaving cream (hair conditioner also works great) and get your razor ready (make sure the blade isn't dull).

The best position for shaving the bikini line, is to stand in the bathtub or shower with one leg hiked halfway up. Be sure that you hike your leg up on something that will support your weight without causing you to slip. Begin in the the back, and work your way up the side, all the way up to your front in a nice parallel line. Be careful not to shave one area more than once or twice to prevent any additional irritation on the skin. Once you have all the areas shaved, rinse with cool water right away. After gently drying your bikini line, the secret to preventing those irritating "razor bumps", is to apply a VERY light layer of deodorant to the area, being careful to avoid anything that isn't shaved. Any common arm deodorant will be fine, and make sure you apply it each and every time you shave any sensitive area. The use of deodorant after shaving has been a long time secret of dancers, and anyone else who has to wear a bathing suit, leotard or similiar outfit in which the bikini line is exposed on a frequent basis. Have fun with that bikini line, and remember to give your skin a rest in between shavings to prevent any unsightly rashes.

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