Biography Of Howard Stern

Biogrpahy of Howard Stern, the shocking man and his life.

Howard Stern, also know as "King of Media" is known as a shock jock. His taboo issues on radio make him a great controversy. He has approximately twenty-five million listeners and his radio show is number one in New York City, Los Angles, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. He has a side kick that has been with him from the beginning of his

antics. Her name is Robin Quivers and is an African American. His show with such topics as homosexuals, strippers frequenting, and his way of publicly embarrassing his call in guests as well as himself is shameless.

In 1993 Stern came out with his life story in the movie "Private Parts". It was the fastest selling book for Simon& Schuster of all time and sold over 10, 000 copies apon it's release. In 1995 he came out with another book that was also very popular. Not as poplar as the book "Private Parts", but the book "Miss America" was a number one best seller. There is not much about Howard Stern that America does not know. He believes that the taboo in show is by being very truthful about all aspects, and blunt about the things no one cares to talk about.

Stern graduated from Boston University College of Communications in 1973. He was in the top of his class. He got his first good radio show in 1982. He moved to New York City, but the radio station terminated him after two years, saying his radio antics were not acceptable to the general public audience. In 1985 he landed a contract with

Infinity. Since then he has become the shock jock of the century.

He married Allison after he graduated from college. They together have three daughters. Family is very important to Stern. Throughout his career he has always tried to give them all the things he never got to have. Although on October 22, 1999, Howard Stern's publicist stated publicly that he and Allison had legally separated after a twenty-one year marriage.

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