Biography Of Lance Kerwin: Where Is He Now?

Biography of Lance Kerwin who became a pin-up poster boy during his teenage years playing

Fresh-faced Lance Kerwin seemed to dive headfirst into the Hollywood spotlight in the mid 1970s, playing the lead character on the highly acclaimed television series, "James at 15." Girls went wild, parents adored the all-American boy, and Lance's image seemed to pop up everywhere from magazine covers to the sides of lunchboxes. Almost as quickly though, he disappeared. Where is Lance Kerwin now?

Lance Kerwin was born in Newport Beach, California, on November 6, 1960. The youngest of five boys, Lance's parents indulged in a "hippie" lifestyle with few limitations. By his own account, Lance smoked marijuana at age 6 and was a heavy user by age 9.

Young Lance excelled in school and took an immediate interest in the discipline of acting, after accompanying his mother to an acting class in 1973. After two years and a series of television commercials, Lance began auditioning for small television roles. His first appearance was in an episode of "Cannon" in 1971. Within two years, Lance Kerwin's career took off. First came a part on the popular series, "Little House on the Prairie," quickly followed by TV movie parts in "The Healers" and "The Greatest Gift."

For the next five years, Lance Kerwin was cast in notable TV roles. He appeared in some of the most-watched series of the 1970s, including "Wonder Woman," "The Bionic Woman," and "Emergency." The fresh-faced teenager quickly turned into crush material for teenage girls everywhere.

In 1977, clean-cut, 17-year old Lance Kerwin was given the title role in a television movie, "James at 15." Playing the lead character, Lance acted out the emotional drama of a 15-year old boy whose family relocates to a faraway State. The movie was an incredible success and spawned its own TV series (of the same name) later that year. When the network picked up the show for its regular lineup in 1978, the title was changed. "James at 16" impressed audiences worldwide for another year.

When the show had finished its run, Lance continued to act, picking up roles in after-school TV movies like "Children of Divorce," and the "The Boy Who Drank Too Much." But roles became harder and harder to come by and Lance began heavily using drugs and alcohol. In 1989, 29-year old Lance Kerwin was arrested in San Francisco for possession of crack cocaine.

In 1990, Lance moved to Hawaii, found a soulmate in Kristen Lansdale, and worked on sobriety. By his own account, he wasn't very successful. He took bit parts and walk-on roles as his drug use escalated out-of-control and career completely bottomed out.

In 1994, Lance and Kristen gave birth to a baby girl named, Savannah. It was inspiration enough to reclaim his life and career. He and Kristen split, and Lance moved to a Bible Ranch in Perris, California. During the week, he occupies a studio apartment on the group's complex with daughter, Savannah. Lance spends his days in religious study, teaching Bible classes, and practising community service. His last movie role was in 1995s, "Outbreak." Lance Kerwin has no plans to return to acting.

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