Biography Of Tv Actor Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman enjoyed early success in Silver Spoons and Little House on the Prarie. Though his career hit a road bump in the nineties, he has recently enjoyed a resurgence with Arrested Development.

Jason Bateman was born on January 14th, 1969 in Rye, New York. His father is Kent Bateman, a Hollywood producer, director, and agent. His mother, Victoria Bateman, was a flight attendant. His sister, Justine is an actor as well, most famously playing Michael J. Fox's sister in the long running and well regarded series Family Ties.

Jason's first success was playing James Cooper, the orphan adopted by the Ingalls family on the NBC series, Little House on the Prairie, in 1981-1982. After that he appeared in the Ricky Schroeder vehicle, Silver Spoons, as the sidekick Derek Taylor. Bateman enjoyed a third successful series with The Hogan Family.

Bateman appeared in dozens of projects after this, most of them made for television. Most of these projects were not well regarded critically, nor did they generate much box office heat. They included theatrical releases such as Teen Wolf Too and Necessary Roughness, and television work such as Simon, and Some of My Best Friends, an ill-conceived Will and Grace rip-off.

In 2002, Bateman started a career resurgence with a role in the sex comedy The Sweetest Thing. The movie starred Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair. The movie was very badly reviewed, but Bateman was singled out for praise for his great comedic timing.

In 2003, Bateman was given the role of Michael Bluth in the Ron Howard produced ensemble comedy, Arrested Development. The role and series were unlike anything Bateman had ever attempted in the past. Arrested Development is mean spirited, satirical, and cutting edge. The show was worlds away from the child actor who had appeared in the treacly sweet Silver Spoons and Little House on the Prairie. In the series, Bateman plays a member of a rich, dysfunctional family whose father, Jeffrey Tambor (Larry Sanders classic sidekick), has made his fortune developing tract houses. All the members of the family are quite happy to sponge money and loaf all day, but Bateman's character is interested in living a moral life and raising his teenage son George Michael (Michael Cera) in peace and quiet. Much of the humor in the series comes from the interaction of the relatively straight arrow Michael with the rest of his conniving, selfish, do-anything- for- money family. The entire cast of Arrested Development has been lavished with praise and ensemble awards. Jason Bateman was given the 2005 Golden Globe award for lead actor in a comedy series. Arrested Development has been compared to such classic TV comedies as Soap and has firmly established Bateman as a great comic actor. The series has struggled in the ratings despite being a critical darling, and it will be interesting to see how long Fox network sticks with the show.

In addition to the career resurgence brought about by Arrested Development,Jason Bateman has also appeared in two recent Ben Stiller films: Starsky and Hutch and Dodgeball. Though his roles in these films were small, he was able to inject them with his great comedic timing and charm. With Dodgeball, in particular, more than one critic singled him out as having stolen the film.

Whether Arrested Development avoids cancellation or not, it seems assured with his recent body of work, that Jason Bateman has a long and varied career awaiting him.

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