Birthday Party Crafts For 4 -6 Year Olds

A lovely idea for a birthday party for 4 -6 year olds involving arts and crafts.

On the invitation ask that each child bring an old shirt or art apron along. Ask them NOT to wear their best party clothes.

Before the party, start collecting small plastic containers with lids, paper (continuous plain white paper) and newspapers. Buy, or make supplies of finger paint and play dough.

Place sheets of newspaper on tables or on the floor of a big room. Place a pile of paper for each child on the table or on the floor and place a selection of finger paint next to each pile of paper. Reserve an area for the children who arrive in party clothes - have a pile of paper and wax crayons ready for them.

Be sure to praise the efforts of each child.

Let the children paint the pictures and by the time the party ends, the paint should be dry and they can take their masterpieces home and the tubs of play dough.

For a memento for your birthday child: lay a piece of white cloth on the floor or table and ask each child to paint something on the cloth (or show them how to paint an imprint of their hands). When the paint is dry, trim the ends of the cloth and frame it!


Finger foods are the best for the budding artists. Tiny sausage rolls, small pieces of cake, small bowls of crisps, fruit and fruit juice should be available to them at all times.


Buy or make soap bubbles for them to blow outside in the garden.

Follow my leader.

Big Monster, Small monster: line them up in groups and tell them to act like the biggest, scariest monsters. When they've done this, ask them to act like the smallest monsters, then switch and ask them to be big monsters again. Switch around more quickly each time.

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