Birthday Party Favor Ideas For Kids

Kids today want party favors that are a bit more exciting. There are lots of options for turning these

It used to be that when children went to a birthday party, they'd come home with the usual goodie bag, filled with bits of candy and a small toy or two. The savvier kids of today are looking for something a little more exciting, and often try to outdo each other when their respective parties roll around. If you're at a loss as to what to offer in the way of party favors for your youngster this year, try considering some fun new ideas that will leave them with something to remember and will thank for them coming, all at the same time.

Since most kids like to vent their creativity through a variety of art projects, it might be a good idea to provide white t-shirts and fabric paint for them, so that they can create their own masterpieces and have a lasting remembrance of the party, as well. This doubles as an activity and a party favor, making it ideal for kids who aren't terribly young. Even in the case of those who are under the kindergarten age, similar projects can be done using fingerpaints that are designed for fabric.

Another arts and crafts idea involves purchasing wooden cut-out letters - using the first letter of each child's name who's attending the party. With these, a bit of glue and lots of decorative accessories, the kids can decorate their own initial with glitter, sequins, foam shapes, stickers, and any other bauble that you might find at the local craft store. If you prefer not to risk the mess of gluing decorations, then you can buy self-adhesive decorator items. They're a bit pricier, but will eliminate the worry of clean-up.

Prior to the party, purchase enough small picture frames to give one to each of the children who attend. During the festivities, take a series of photos, making sure to include each child - and be sure that they're instant photos, so that they don't have to be taken out and developed. Before the party ends, place the appropriate pictures in the frames of each of the partygoers and present them as favors before they leave.

Wrap a small terra cotta pot and some seeds in cheerful cellophane and tie it off with some brightly colored ribbons. These can serve as favors that the children will be able to use after the party, as they enjoy learning about how to sow seeds and nurture the plants as they grow. If there's a theme to the party, you can include particular types of seeds that may reflect the central idea, or simply include seeds that will be easy for children to grow.

For those who still like the idea of sending a goodie bag home with the children, you can make it a bit more interesting by allowing them to make their own goodies to go inside. For instance, using lollipop molds and the necessary ingredients, you can instruct the children to make their own pops early in the party, so that they'll be ready to go when they leave. Other types of candy can also be made and taken with them, offering a fun activity during the party and a tasty treat afterward.

If you're having a party that includes only one gender, then you can put together favors that will reflect specific items for either boys or girls. For instance, if you're having a party for a girl and only girls are invited, then you might create small bags that are filled with pretend make-up items, such as lipstick, nail polish, etc. If, on the other hand, the party will include only boys, you might consider items such as temporary tattoos or small actions figures that are particularly popular - especially if it's a themed party and there's an action figure that would be an appropriate match.

Another great arts and crafts idea for the making of party favors involves decorating new, unsharpened pencils. Simply provide each child with a pencil or two and a variety of decorative items, such as pipe cleaners, feathers, glitter, sequins, puff balls, wiggle eyes or any other small craft item that you think may fit on a pencil. Whether you choose to allow them to use glue or provide them with self-adhesive items is up to you, but older children should have no problem with any of these tools, without the worry of a messy clean-up.

There are a lot of great things that can be done to make favors for a child's birthday party - some can be put together prior to the party, and others make great activities once things are rolling. In most cases, they'll have fun and have something lasting to take with them, offering a double benefit to those who are fortunate enough to be included in your child's party plans.

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