What Are Some Birthday Party Planning Ideas For Adults?

What are some birthday party planning ideas for adults? Adult birthday parties usually take on themes surrounded by hobbies or the decade that they were born in. When planning a birthday party for a child,...

When planning a birthday party for a child, coming up with a theme is usually a simple task, depending on what the child's interests are that particular year. When planning a birthday party for an adult, however, the fun theme idea can sometimes be forgotten. Just because someone has reached adulthood does not mean that he or she cannot have a festive theme surrounding their birthday party.

Kyle Hayden, the Event Coordinator for Strong Events, which specializes in decorating and design for theme parties, offers some tried and true ideas for planning an adult birthday party. One suggestion is a decade theme. He says, "If they were born in the 1950's or in the 1960's, we will do something surrounding that time. They don't have to be born in that particular era, but that might have been the decade in which they went to high school. They may have gone through a 1960's phase or 1970's phase or something like that."

Hayden also suggests planning an adult birthday party around a particular hobby that interests the party recipient. He says that for people who are really interested in cars, he has designed parties around a car theme including a buffet served out of a car and a cake in the shape of a car. He has also planned adult birthday parties with sports themes. The sports themes can range all the way from a sport the birthday person currently plays or has played in the past to a sport that the person enjoys watching or wishes he or she could play.

Another idea that Hayden has used is a travel theme for someone who is an avid traveler. For this type of theme, he asks the birthday person to pick out his or her top four or five travel destinations and plans the party around those, "We will do a theme on trips like scuba diving and have a little area about that. Then we do something on another realm, maybe about New York, and finally we will do another theme on Paris." The party guests can go from destination area to destination area for different types of food, decorations, and entertainment.

An adult birthday party theme idea for a person who would prefer a simple, yet elegant party, is a tea party. This idea can be particularly popular for an all ladies event. At the party, serve several types of tea out of decorative teapots, so that the guests can choose their favorite. Also serve scones or fancy cookies, small sandwiches, and bite-sized desserts. Asking the guests to dress up can help make the party festive.

Hayden suggests finding out what the birthday person is interested in, whether it is in one of the areas listed above or something completely different. Then use that interest to spark ideas on how you can incorporate it into a theme for the party. With a little thought and creativity, you can make the party memorable and appealing for everyone involved, especially the person for whom the party is thrown.

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