Birthday Party Theme Idea: Affordable Fairy Tale

Birhtday party theme ideas that are creative that cost under $20. Step by step instructions for recreating a fabulous party where the little girl's become the star's!

COST: Under $20

AGE: Girls ages 3-10


Every little girl loves to play dress up and this party idea is very affordable and offers plenty of fun and creativity for a fairly large amount of friends and can even accommodate a wide variety of ages. The first thing you need to do is network! Call all your friends and track down as many Storybook costumes as you can. You may be surprised how many of these costumes were used at Halloween and will not cost you anything to borrow. You will also need a few moms, Grandma or favorite teenage babysitter to help out. Meet with all helpers before hand, explain your theme and encourage them to help the young girls feel truly madeover and beautiful.

Set up stations in different rooms of the house and rotate with Music. Keep your groups of girls small, no more than 4 per group but 2 would be ideal! Use your creativity in setting up stations. You could have a station for:

1) Painting fingernails

Offer a couple of different colors for them to choose from. Offer decal stickers or glitter to jazz up the activity. Allow plenty of time to let their nails dry.

2) Hair styled & simple lipstick

For this age of girls I would stay away from any type of eye make-up but most mothers will not mind a touch of lip gloss for shine. Body glitter is also fun to highlight their features.

3) Craft area.

Bead a take-home necklace or make a jeweled ring with pipe cleaners and beads. Choose a craft that is fast and easy to do.

4) Storytime dramatic reading

To get the girls into the spirit of dress up fun have an older family member dress up and entertain the girls with a creative story. You might even choose one where the girls can act out some of the parts themselves. This makes a fun "gathering game" as kids arrive at the party.

5) Scrapbook page center.

Supply this center with diecuts of castles, flowers or magic wands very affordable at scrapbook stores. Let the girls use markers and craft paper punches to create a scrapbook page to add their fairy tale photo to later.

7) After all the groups rotate and are all dolled up, have a photography room set up with a dressing panel and backdrop for photo's. I was easily able to round up several costumes including Pocahontus, Cinderella, Jasmine of Alladin, Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz and Ezmerelda, the gypsy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Remember to have several different sized costumes to fit different sized girls.

I had my husband, the official birthday party photographer, take pictures of the girls individually. Instant poloroid camera's make for a nice take home gift but even developing pictures later for framing on their scrapbook page makes a fun thank you gift to take to the party friends later in the week!

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